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  • Alex Forsythe, Chef, Taste Marketing

Alex Forsythe, Chef, Taste Marketing

Alex Forsythe, Chef, Taste Marketing

Streamlined Cuisine

General info
Chef Alex Forsthye has been participating in the Green Festival® for over 5 years.  Every year Chef Alex is committed to showcasing his culinary expertise on how to live healthier, more sustainable lives. Chef Alex Forsythe started his culinary career in 1997 at the Culinary Institute of America, attended the Cordon Blu in Paris, and the The Apricus in Tuscany. His unique experiences, passion for food, and varied cooking techniques have been featured in news outlets and at an array of interesting locations; including trains, planes, yachts, and on-land events.   He brings his love for post war influences of Helen Corbits, chef of the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus to offer innovative healthy cookery demos that recognize the food from the past, how we use them in the present, and sustain a healthier cuisine in the future.  Not only at the Green Festival but also Chef Forsythe has demostarted this at many Wine Festivials, Expo’s and international events.

Chef Forsythe is a truly unique, artistic, committed chef who provides services for private parties, special events, ship/yacht expeditions, seasonal commitments, as a caterer, as well as performing on-going product demonstrations at many events and venues.  Chef Alex’s vivacious personality, paired with his worldly cuisine experience make his presentations a jubilant experience

His vast experience in healthy cooking, diet modification and substitution, diverse dietary preferences, and extensive gourmet courses, which showcase his professional presentations and his extensive hygiene practices make him one of the most sought after chefs in his field.  He provides efficient preparation and service, pays homage to new, innovative, and organic cuisines utilizing local providers and markets.  Chef Alex has experience as a steward, hospitality coordinator, entertainer, and home/yacht facilitator.

In 2009, Chef Forsythe envisioned a consortium of culinary enthusiasts and today, he has become facilitator of “Executive Chef Services” (ECS).  ECS is a chef based referral service which provides Chef Forsythe an opportunity to work with a variety of Freelance Chefs, to position them into new culinary opportunities, and he is also able to provide clients with even greater resources from this pool of Executive Chefs from around the world.

Chef Forsythe has credentials as a Rational Certified Chef Trainer, CIA Greystone Demo Teacher, CIA Professional Chef Techniques of Healthy Cooking, and Certified Food Service Manager.  Additionally, Chef Forsythe has undergone professional training in a unique niche and holds certificates through the Marine Technical Institute in First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety & Social Responsibility, Basic Firefighting.  He holds a Maritime Professional Training Certificate in Master 200 Tons Course - MARTPT-526, Boat Show Crew Training, FACTS® for Cockpit and Cabin Crewmembers Emergency Training Certified and holds a US Department Homeland Security Medical Clearance.