Green Festival Speakers

Aaron Ableman



Ableman is an acclaimed “edutainer” with a background in world literature, food systems, and community organizing. He grew up under the mentorship of Hopi elders and children’s musician Raffi, and he has graced the stages with K’NAAN and Joan Baez, among others. From India to Haiti, he has implementede co-arts programs and worked with at-risk teens. He has been heralded in publications such as the “Los Angeles Times,” “New York Times,” “MontrealMirror” and “San Francisco Examiner.” Ableman is the executive produce rfor the Clean Energy Tour, co-founder of the CommuniTree network and a consultant for environmental organizations and campaigns. Ableman is alsoa co-founder of BALANCE Edutainment, a social enterprise that developsentertaining products for youth and families that raise awareness of our interdependence with nature and connects people who want to work for positive change. BALANCE's flagship initiative is the Pacha's Pajamas edutainment platform.

Pacha's" target="_blank">http://www.pachaspajamas.com/">Pacha's Pajamas, teaches pre-teens and families about humanity’s relationship with the natural world. Pacha's Pajamas is a children’s book, game-App, acclaimed Live Show and Audiobook featuring Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Cheech Marin, Majora Carter, and rising youth stars. Nature" target="_blank">http://balanceedutainment.com/introducing-nature-superhero/">Nature Superhero, the forthcoming companion game-App, will reward kids for taking actions to improve their communities and the environment. The Pacha's Pajamas project has been featured on MTV, CNN, numerous radio programs/media and has been nominated for the renowned global entrepreneurship competition, Common" target="_blank">http://www.commonpitchsa.com/">Common Pitch.