"As someone who has been a vegan and an animal rights activist for three decades I look forward to sharing with people at the Green Festival Expo the myriad of ways in which a reliance upon animal agriculture isn't just killing billions of animals but also destroying our planet."


"Shout out to The Green Team! You guys are awesome" - Yogibo


"The DC Dentist enjoyed having Dr. Terry Victor speak on the Effects of Holistic Dentistry and your overall health." - DC Dentist

DC Dentist

"The Green Festival staff was amazing! When the founder of our company, Wonderfully Raw Gourmet, had an emergency and couldn't make the show leaving one person to man our booth, the expo provided incredible volunteers for all 3 days to help out." - Wonderfully Raw Gourmet

Wonderfully Raw Gourmet

"Thank you for making possible a time and place for groups to come together and network. It’s a win/win for All!!!!"
Kate Kheel, Director - Maryland Smart Meter Awareness

Maryland Smart Meter Awareness

"It was great learning opportunity for me as well and I meet great people. Thank you very much for creating such an amazing place for business owners and the green industry." - Monica H. Kang, Founder & CEO InnovatorsBox


"I just wanted thank you for all your support at the Green Expo. It was a really great experience for us. I enjoyed the other vendors and the whole energy was light, fresh and happy! I felt like we were a part of a nice heavenly community. So thank you for introducing us to this realm of outreach."
— Mariko Gale, Happy Science

Happy Science

We had an amazing experience. Everything was well organized and the people were extremely friendly. Someone was always checking to see if we needed anything. - My Boo and You

My Boo and You

Green Fest Expo provides a great opportunity to connect with people and groups that are passionate about nature and conscious living. Sylvie Rokab - Love Thy Nature - Film Director

Love Thy Nature - Film Director

"It was truly an honor to participate in Green Festival Expo. I met so many inspiring people and it give me hope that our world will be healed by the power of the people. I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to perform. I am SO excited to join you again in DC!"

- Marina - Conscious Sustainable Thinking Blog

Conscious Sustainable Thinking Blog

"We had a very positive experience both at our booth, for which there was a lot of interest, and at my presentation. I had a good turn out.."
- Richard - Arbor Vitae

Arbor Vitae

"We Act Radio was a proud media sponsor of one of the most diverse DC Green Fest Expos ever! The 2015 electric BMW i3 test drive has resulted in the selection of our first promotional vehicle!" - Kymone Freeman, Co-founder

We Act Radio

"The DC Green Festival is almost like a family reunion – bringing together a community of those who want to make the world greener from so many different perspectives. We love the opportunity to meet our readers and introduce our magazine, Natural Awakenings DC to so many more people." - Robin, Publisher of Natural Awakenings DC

Natural Awakenings DC

"The City of Mount Rainier appreciated being an integral part of the Green Festival. The City has so many green features, businesses, sustainable practices and residents that keep the City Green that we wanted to shout it to the world!" - Veronica Owens, City of Mount Rainier Assistant City Manager

City of Mount Rainie

"Audi is excited to be a part of the longest-running Green Festival Expo in the United States given our long-standing passion towards alternative fuel sources and green technology," said Loren Angelo, director of marketing, Audi of America. "Green Festival is a great experiential marketing event series to present our all-electric, blended hybrid and gasoline models in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland, and we are eager to offer attendees an opportunity to test drive eco-friendly cars, such as the all-new Audi A3 Sportback e-tron plug-in hybrid, and transform the way they drive."


"Volkswagen of America is proud to be partnering with Green Festival Expo given our shared commitment to sustainable innovation," said Vinay Shahani, VP Marketing, Volkswagen of America. "Green Festival Expo is the perfect platform for us to offer test drives of our new all-electric, zero-tail pipe emissions e-Golf in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. We are confident that attendees will find driving these eco-friendly cars to be a fun, cost-efficient way to incorporate sustainability into their lives."


"Tick Tock Naturals is grateful for the platform that the New York City Green Festival has brought to our company as well as other natural product companies all focused on finding solutions that can work to save our planet. Thank you for a successful first Green Festival for Fire Cider, we'll see you in DC!"

Tick Tock Naturals

“We love coming to Green Festival and find it a perfect venue to get the word out on our vegan adventure tours in Asia. Not only do we get a chance to meet many attendees who are interested in a green lifestyle and who may not have heard about our company before, but we also get to meet fellow exhibitors who we share a common goal and social interests with. We look forward to exhibiting at many more Green Festivals for years to come.”
– Vegan Adventure Tours

Vegan Adventure Tours

“The Green Festival is a great opportunity for local businesses. Our office did more business with the Green Festival than any other festival or marketing endeavor ever. I am still catching up with new business from the Green Festival about 3 weeks after the event. We have been able to get the message of the Triad Of Health out to far more people through our interactions with the Green Festival than we ever would have otherwise. The public is starving for solutions to their chronic health concerns and Green Festival attendees probably would not ever have found out about our office and the services that we offer had we not been able to attend and present the Cholesterol Myths to Green Festival attendees. Thank you for having our office at your event and for asking us to speak on the widely misunderstood Cholesterol Myths that have been plaguing the world for the last 20 years due to the greed and recklessness of large pharmaceutical companies and their misinformation campaigns.”
– Dr. Ilya Skolnikoff, DC, DIBAK, Chiropractic Kinesiologist, Female Hormone & Thyroid Specialist

Triad of Health

“I try never to miss presenting at a Green Festival because of the spirit and enthusiasm of the attendees and the professionalism and support of the Green Festival staff. Green Festival is not just a place for health nuts, it’s a welcoming place for everyone to come and gain information about living a brighter, healthier lifestyle.”
– Leslie Durso

Leslie Durso

“Green Festival New York was an amazing experience. The positive vibe from the public was overwhelming, and the selection of colleagues made staying at our booth difficult - we wanted to visit everybody! The staff is amazing, and they were super helpful from pre-launch to pack-out, and we are delighted to be able to continue our relationship with The Green Festival in cities all over the country”
– David Goodman, Founder, Coco Jack

Coco Jack

“Our long standing relationship with Green Festival proves to be successful year after year. Green Festival allows us to get in front of sustainably conscious consumers who are anxious to hear about our products, meet our people and learn about the steps Clif Bar and Company takes to better our planet.”
– Marcie Winkler (Marketing Manager, Clif Bar)

Clif Bar

"The Green launch party was a fantastic networking opportunity! We met a ton of people passionate about sustainability. We even won free vendor space for the LA Fair Trade festival and are really excited to booth there. We definitely want to go back to the venue as it normally is free space for entrepreneurs to work at." - Stella Liu. www.Oneseed.co

One Seed

"The Green Festival is the only conference that the team here at Expert DOJO won’t miss every year. Not only is it a wonderful conference with high attendance and great quality attendees but we feel like we are part of real positive change in the world and you can’t put a price on that. I would recommend any business thinking of exhibiting to just go ahead and reserve their spot. Like us they won’t regret it." - Brian Mac Mahon, Chief Community Officer, Expert DOJO

Expert DOJO

"The Green Festival Expo in Washington, DC was a perfect venue for having intelligent conversations with people who really care about the environment and finding solutions to the problems the planet -and all of us - are facing. As a speaker, I found the audience was attentive, engaged and asked excellent questions. And many people stayed afterwards for more conversations. We also exchanged our contact information and I can see some collaborative efforts ahead. The professional staff was excellent, too, solving some last-minute logistical problems that made my presentation go much smoother. Much smoother! Speaking about all the frightening hydrofracking tales I couldn't include in either my novels (The Fracking War and Fracking Justice) to an informed audience was invigorating, as well as chatting with the many vendors and other presenters who made the Washington D.C. Green Festival very memorable. I'm looking forward to attending future Green Festival Expos." - Michael J. Fitzgerald

Backpack Journalist & Columnist

Anything Vegan LOVES being a part of the Green Festival! The energy from the crowd is amazing! Our cookbook is coming out in November and our delicious vegan cheeses that sell out every year at the Green Festival will be featured in it! Thank you GF for making the hard work of running a booth feel like fun with friends! Anything Vegan will definitely be back again next year!

Anything Vegan

"We love participating in the Green Festival. We meet so many new volunteers, members, and donors whom otherwise would have no idea we are doing the work we do for healthy food, food access, and a clean Earth.” – Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture

Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture

"Since Green Festival, Tomato Sushi has really grown. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts have swelled with followers from all over the world. We have major groups like PETA, Sea Shepard, and Black fish following us! Also, Cornell University has approached Tomato Sushi to speak at their annual vegan conference, as well as the SF Veg Festival. Our Kickstarter campaign is about 50% funded in 2 days! And we are in talks with other backers as well. I wanted to let you know this because our success really speaks to what a great venue the Green Festival is. Being a part of your event completely changed our business into something much more. We would not be where we are today if it were not for the platform that your venue offers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Tomato Sushi