Green Festival Speakers

Queen Afua



Queen Afua is a worldaerenowned certified wholistic health specialist who practices from a uniquely spiritual perspective. She is a certified colon therapist, polarity practitioner, Hatha Yoga and Ari Ankh Ka instructor, lay midwife, herbalist and fasting specialist. She has taught wholistic heath care at prestigious institutions such as NYC Downstate Medical Center and Long Island University Medical Center.

Queen Afua is also a lecturer and best selling author, who has written three astounding books, including Sacred Woman; a guide to healing the feminine body, mind and spirit, Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity and her newly release book entitled The City of Wellness: Restoring your health through the seven kitchens of consciousness. These books have been successful within the national communities because they address issues that are current to the health crisis facing African American, Caribbean, and Spanish communities. Through her Sacred Women text, many women have been transformed and have changed the way they look at wholistic healthcare, ancestral healing, physical, and emotional healing.

Queen Afua has transformed the lives of many individuals through her wellaeknown community events including her 1day seasonal fasting shutaeins, Sacred Woman trainings, and wholistic empowerment workshops, as well as establishing a deeper online presence through her revamped site, www.queenafua.com, reaching thousands upon thousands of those wanting to heal themselves.

Queen Afuas work has received national and international acclaim, with a client list including Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, and Mel Jackson. For over 35 years, she has been revered in her community as a healer, and because of that, many seeds have been planted to bear the fruit of an organic future, or as she would say, a true City of Wellness!