Green Festival Speakers

Molly Arthur



After thirtyfive years of marriage, working, and raising two children, I realized something drastic had happened to the world that was not good for my future grandchildren. The philosophy of EcoBirth arose from my desire to take responsibility for what happened during my watch and to try to prevent further poisoning of our earth, women and babies. I am leveraging my career with startups in software, advertising and the beginning of the internet to launch EcoBirth which cherishes Mother Earth as a means of protecting our mother's wombs, our baby's births and our children's futures.

EcoBirth, on a grassroots level, endeavors to change our culture's perception of the system that affects the health of future generations. Women can personally affect a quality improvement in the human species by enabling their bodies to be safe and clean first environments for their babies. EcoBirth wants to empower women to make good decisions about how they treat their homeEarth, their own bodies and their child's birth experience. We uniquely include the birth experience, the universal life event, as a pivotal part of the understanding of the ecology of life. We want to protect our children by ensuring that there are no more toxins in our bodies or in our developing babies. We want our babies born in a caring, natural way and raised in a safe, nontoxic world.

I am a 6th generation Californian, graduate of UC Berkeley and joyously live in the best place in the world