E Magazine

Now in its 21st year, E-The Environmental Magazine is a bimonthly clearinghouse of information, news and resources for people concerned about the environment who want to know What can I do? to make a difference. A 13-time Independent Press Awards winner and nominee, E is chock full of everything environmental -- from recycling to rainforests, and from the global village to our own backyards.

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E+Co - Energy Cures

383 Franklin Street, Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA, 7003 - View Map

Energy Cures: End Poverty & Protect the Planet

E+Co's mission is to empower local small amd medium businesses that supply clean, modern and affordable energy to households, businesses and communities in developing countries. It provides business development support and investment to entrepreneurs. Since E+Co's inception, it has mobilized over $150 million for clean energy enterprises. These enterprises are providing energy to over 3.6 million people and offsetting over 2 million tons of CO2 annually. E+Co's Energy Cures campaign is a grassroots movement to support clean energy businesses.

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E-cooler Packaging

4320 S. Knox Ave, Chicago, IL, USA, 60632 - View Map

Finally a sustainable solution to Styrofoam coolers! e-cooler®...

Did you know that every year 2.5 million tons of Styrofoam collects in our landfills? Finally there is a sustainable solution to Styrofoam coolers! e-cooler® products are recyclable, reusable and waterproof the perfect replacement for Styrofoam coolers. e-cooler® products are affordable for everyone and manufactured right here in Chicago.

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E-magine Journeys offers socially conscious tours

Eagle Peak Herbals

1570 County Rd 35 P O Box 664, Eagleville, , California, 96110 - View Map

Herbal health products for pets & people wildlife rescue & rehab

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Eagle Shield Inc.

6250 village pkwy Ste. 250, Dublin, California, USA, 94568 - View Map

Eagle Shield: Energy Savings Solutions for Home and Business

Eagle Shield is a home improvement company that specializes in providing homeowners with Space Age Technology developed in Space by NASA to protect astronauts and space craft from the extreme effects of heat and cold in space. NASA designed High Performance Reflective Insulation that is wrapped around every space craft and astronaut uniform that goes into space. This protects the space craft and astronaut from temperature extremes of -460 dgrees below zero to 250 degrees above zero which translates to a 710 degree temperature extreme that astronauts and crafts have to go through. This product allowed the astronaut to be a comfortable 76 degrees even though 710 degrees is going on outside the craft and in deep space! This technology when applied into a home or business operates the same way! It reflects the unwanted summer heat away making you cooler in the summer and reflects the wanted heat back into the house in the winter making you warmer. This translate into a heating and cooling savings of up to 44 %!!!!

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13228 NE 20th Street, Suite 300, Bellevue, WA, USA, 98005 - View Map

Environmental science adventure books for kids!

Eaglemont Press is a publishing house and content provider that produces photographic essays and engaging children's adventure books that focus on topics related to the preservation of wildlife, habitats, and cultures world-wide. Praised by educators, parents and children alike, Adventures of Riley is an educational and entertaining picture book series designed to introduce Environmental Education topics.

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Early Times Home Solutions

960 Industrial Dr., Ste 7, Elmhurst, IL, 60126 - View Map

Quality Products and Serives, One Great Company

Early Times Home Solutions cares deeply about the environment and hopes to leave the world a better place than that in which we find ourselves. To that end, we offer a variety of green energy-saving products for your home. Together we can provide a brighter, cleaner future for our children.

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Earth Activist Training

PO Box 170177, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94117-0177 - View Map

Permaculture Design Certification Course by Starhawk

A Permaculture Design Certification Course, focusing on organizing, activism, and earth based spirituality. Taught by Starhawk and a team of amazing Permaculture educators.Based out of San Francisco, EAT teaches permaculture programs and courses all over the world.

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Earth Alley

3602 Elm Ave, Baltimore, MD, USA, 21211 - View Map

Fair trade and environmentally friendly handicrafts

Environmentally friendly and fair-trade handicrafts. Earth Alley features hand made jewelry, purses, wallets, picture frames, scarfs, cards and journals. Many gifts are made with recycled material. We have one of a kind treasures to adorn you and your home - and for that unique gift.

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Earth Balance

Organic, Non GMO, Dairy Free Products

Earth Balance

7102 La Vista Place, Longmont, CO, USA, 80503 - View Map

Based in Boulder, Colo., Earth Balance® produces a line of delicious buttery spreads, shortenings, nut butters, soymilk, refrigerated mayonnaise and coconut spread. All Earth Balance® products are all plant-based, vegan, made without artificial ingredients and hydrogenated oils, free of gluten, lactose and eggs, offering a delicious alternative for health conscious individuals and those with food sensitivities.

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Earth Conservation Corps

2000 Half St. SW, Washington, DC, USA, 20024 - View Map

Youth development through environmental service

The Earth Conservation Corps is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 as a White House domestic policy initiative. The Earth Conservation Corps provides hands-on education, environmental training, professional experience, and leadership skills for disadvantaged young people between the ages of 17-25 years old. As corps members improve their own lives, they rebuild the environmental, social, and economic health of their communities.

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3056 Mountainview Way, Bessemer, Al, 35020 - View Map

Eco-friendly clothing you'll love to wear day after day!

Earth Creations strives to create high-quality, eco-friendly clothing in a sustainable manner, and still make something beautiful that you’ll love to wear day after day.

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Earth Day Network

1616 P Street, NW, Suite 340, Washington, DC, USA, 20036 - View Map

Founded by the organizers of the first Earth Day in 1970, Earth Day Network (EDN) promotes environmental citizenship and year round progressive action worldwide.Earth Day Network is a driving force steering environmental awareness around the world. Through Earth Day Network, activists connect, interact, and impact their communities, and create positive change in local, national, and global policies. EDN's international network reaches over 15,000 organizations in 174 countries, while the domestic program keeps over 5,000 groups and over 100,000 educators coordinating millions of community development and environmental protection activities throughout the year. As a result, Earth Day is the only event celebrated simultaneously around the globe by people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities. More than a half billion people participate in our campaigns every year.

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3065 North Prow Road, Bloomington, IN, USA, 47404 - View Map

100% natural vegetable based soaps are Mother Nature approved.

Earth Drops handcrafted soaps are produced in cooperation with Mother Nature. Herbs, nuts, pure essential oils, milk, honey, & other natural wholesome ingredients in combination with Olive, Coconut, Rice, & other pure vegetable oils to achieve the highest quality in our soaps. No artificial additives, preservatives, or colorants added. Many of these soaps have special & fond memories attached to them. We hope that you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed creating them. Handcrafted, hand-cut with loving care, kind of like the way my grandmother’s & my great grandmother’s used to do it, only better.

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Earth Friendly Bagz

105 Oak Street, Bridgeton, NJ, U.S.A., 08302-2410 - View Map

EFBagz -fashionable reusable bags-natural & recycled materials.

Here at Earth Friendly Bagz, we offer our contribution in helping to achieve a cleaner healthier environment. The purchase of a reusable bag made of natural or recycled materials is a good way to contribute. We offer a good selection of fashionable high quality products products that will give you the piece of mind that you are doing your part.

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Earth Friends

P.O. Box 1922, Mendocino, CA, USA, 95460 - View Map

eco-groovy dolls and more, handmade in California

Earth Friends, based in Mendocino, California, are creators of eco dolls for girls and boys. Every part of each Earth Friend doll is either organic or recycled and entirely made in the USA. Each Earth Friend comes with a tree planting kit in their backpack. By planting trees, kids and families become Earth Friends too by creating shade and habitat and beauty and all the other wonderful attributes of trees. Through wholesome play Earth Friends help families around the world have fun and educate their kids about respect for Nature and each other. Earth Friends are available at eco boutiques and specialty toy stores nationwide as well as online at .

Phone: 707-536-7916

With handmade custom designed gemstone jewelry by The Stone Muse

Earth Institute Center for Environmental Sustainability

Evening courses in sustainability science, policy and economics

Earth Island Journal

Earth Island Journal's combination of hard hitting exposes and inspiring stories of grassroots movements encourages readers to take action for ecological sustainability. We have won a half dozen Project Censored Awards for uncovering stories ignored by larger media outlets. On three occasions, Utne Reader has recognized the Journal for top environmental coverage, most recently in 2007, when the Utne editors wrote: The environment is surely the biggest news story of our day, and we're glad Earth Island Journal is on it.

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Sustainable, homemade, scented candles/no petroluem products

AGI is a non-profit organization representing the Geosciences

Earth Natural Essentials

1093 Badder Dr, Troy, MI, 48083 - View Map

Affordable, all-natural, vegan personal care items

Affordable, all-natural, eco-friendly, vegan home & personal care items.Our products are made with the finest natural organic ingredients available. They have everything you need, and nothing you don't!

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Earth Paints Collection Systems

132 Allen Avenue, Grayslake, IL, 60030 - View Map

Post-Consumer latex paint collection and recycling

Earth Paints Collection Systems is a family company dedicated to keeping latex paint, and the containers it comes in, out of our landfills. We have developed a system of collecting waste latex paint that is both convenient for the consumer, and good for the environment. Through responsible recycling, left over latex paint can be reused and reprocessed to create new consumer products. We also distribute a line of quality Reprocessed Latex Paint, made from 100% recycled products.

Phone: 847-231-6044

6622 Broad Street, Bethesda, MD, United States, 20816 - View Map

100% recycled and recyclable gift wrap products

Earth Presents produces 100% recycled and recyclable gift wrap products: wrapping paper, gift tags, bows, gift bags and greeting cards. Our whimsical designs are derived from the wonderful spirit of the artists themselves, students with special needs. A portion of our sales goes to their school, School for Arts in Learning.

Phone: 301 263 9282

Earth Routes

42 Pierces Pond Road, Penobscot, ME, USA, 4476 - View Map

reservations and resources for green travel

Travel planning, research, and reservations, helping to connect you with lodging, transportation, and touring services with respect for Earth's resources and inhabitants. There are many ways to go green!

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Earth Safe Finishes

207 W Los Angeles Ave. Suite 226, Moorpark, CA, United States, 93012 - View Map

Manufacturer no VOC Paint/Finishing Products,Art/Craft Home

Earth Safe Finishes is a California based manufacturer specializing in a no VOC product line of paint, varnish, Colorants, gesso, primer, glaze, mediums, metallics, wax, stain, sealers, and related products for the art/craft and home decor/DIY markets. Our green product line is unique for the extensiveness of the no VOC products and for the manufacture all in the USA. The importance of our products for those with allergies and sensitivites is well known. Baby Safe Finishes and the Green Musketeers are sub divisions of our company.

Phone: 805 491-9108

Earth Sangha

10123 Commonwealth Blvd., Fairfax, VA, United States, 22032 - View Map

A Buddhist conservation group focused on ecological restoration.

Founded in 1997, the Earth Sangha is a nonprofit public charity based in the Washington, DC area and is committed to practical environmental action as an expression of the Buddhist way of life. (Sangha is a Buddhist term for congregation or community.) We work in the spirit of Buddhist practice, but our members and volunteers come from a wide variety of religious and secular backgrounds. In the Washington area, we operate an ecological restoration program to restore native forests and meadows, stabilize streams, and control invasive alien plants. We also work with local schools on environmental education and schoolyard greening projects. All of our DC-area work is designed for public participation, as a venue for environmental education. In the Dominican Republic, we operate the Tree Bank Hispaniola, an agroforestry program designed to improve the lives of farmers along the central-northern reach of the Dominican Republic-Haiti border, and to restore the region's native forests.

In addition to environmental work, we host weekly meditationsessions in Alexandria, Virginia, along with discussions of the Dharma (the traditional Buddhist teachings). These sessions are free and open to all.

Phone: 7037644830

A Buddhist conservation group focused on ecological restoration.

Earth Share

7735 Old Georgetown Rd Suite 900, Bethesda, MD, USA, 20814 - View Map

Your gateway to the environmental movement.

Earth Share supports a nationwide network of environmental and conservation organizations working every day to protect public health, and our air, water, land and wildlife. One Environment. One Simple Way To Care For It.®

Phone: 1-800-875-3863

Earth Source Organics

Certified organic, vegan, kosher, gluten free, raw, allergen and nut free Chocolate truffle bar manufacturer of Righteously Raw

Phone: 760-510-1561

Earth Swag

PO Box 1510, Basalt, CO, United States, 81621 - View Map

Reusable Snack Bags & Sandwich Wraps

Earth Swag makes reusable snack bags and sandwich wraps out of a food-safe, bacteria-inhibiting cotton. They are a great alternative to disposable plastic baggies for taking snacks or a sandwich to school, to work or in the car. The snack bags come in a set of two, and the sandwich wrap opens up to work as a placemat over which you can eat your sandwich. Both products currently come in two prints with more to come. Help save the Earth and think outside the baggy with Earth Swag.

Phone: 9704014676

Earth Thermal

950-165th Street, hammond, In, USA, 46324 - View Map

A renewable & sustainable way to heat and cool your home

Earth Thermal is a Division of Hollaway-Meyers heating & air conditioning. Geothermal is renewable & sustainable way to heat and cool your home using the earth. It is the most efficient comfort system. Period.

Phone: 219-932-2171

Earth Tones

1107 9th St, Sacramento, CA, 95814 - View Map

Environmental Wireless, Long Distance, and Internet

Giving 100% of our profits to support grassroots environmental causes, Earth Tones offers residential and business long distance phone services and wireless cell phone service.

Phone: 1-888-327-8486

Earth Wind and Solar Energy, LLC

2350 W. Grand Ave, Chicago, IL, USA, 60612 - View Map

Illinois #1 trusted installer of renewable energy systems

Chicago based & one stop company for all Renewable Energy needs. We specialize in Designing & Installing Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind Turbines, Geothermal, LED Lighting & Energy Auditing. Rebates, Grants & Federal Incentives up to 75% We take the guess work out to insure you get the maximum benefit.

Phone: 312-243-9933

440 E Harrison St, Corona, Ca, USA, 92879 - View Map

Cleanest burning retrofit in the open hearth industry

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534 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94102 - View Map

Organic bodycare handcrafted by healers without fillers

Our organic bodycare is born out of a kitchen, not a lab. Handcrafted by healers and inspired by Ayurveda, at Earthbody we use whole flowers, roots and herbs infused in cold-pressed oils to create therapeutic blends for the bodymind. Formulated by a holistic therapist, our products are made in small batches free from wax, alcohol, soy, glycerin, preservatives, emulsifiers, and parabens. Awaken the healer within.

Phone: 415-552-7200

Earthbound Creations

Eugene, Oregon, USA, 97404 - View Map

Sustainable eco-fashion for women and men

Earthbound Creations is an eco-fashion company committed to protecting the environment by bringing our customers quality sustainable clothing. Providing comfortable fashion-forward clothing for Men and Women.

Phone: 877-525-1124

Earthbound Farm

Celebrating 26 years of dedication to organic farming.

Phone: 800-690-3200

Earthbound Farm

1721 San Juan Hwy, San Juan Bautista, CA, USA, 95045 - View Map

Celebrating 25 years of dedication to organic farming.

Earthbound Farm began 25 years ago with 2.5 acres and a big commitment to organic farming. Today, we work with 150 farmers to grow our delicious certified organic salads, fruits, and vegetables on 33,000 acres, which keeps about 10.5 million pounds of synthetic chemicals out of the environment every year.

Sustainable garden system conserves resources and fights hunger


6310 NE 74th St. Suite 201E, Seattle, WA, USA, 98115 - View Map

Building global community through local environmental service

EarthCorps envisions a global community of young environmental leaders and engaged citizens working to build strong local communities that support healthy habitats. EarthCorps' programs bring together young people from the USA and around the world to work, learn and grow. Our efforts unite best practices in environmental restoration with a community-based approach to service, education and action. Together with a global network of partners, volunteers and friends, EarthCorps restores key ecological sites around the Puget Sound region and around the world.At EarthCorps, we value sustainability, diversity, integrity and service:Sustainability: The long term viability and sustainability of the natural environment depends on work we do now. Through leadership, learning, and example we can expand the knowledge and commitment necessary to sustain the health of our natural systems.Diversity: The strongest systems are those that bring together the strengths of diverse constituents. We are committed to working with all age groups, especially youth and young adults, to develop human potential across racial, ethnic, economic, and gender lines. Through outreach work, we support the empowerment of disenfranchised communities.Integrity: We have an obligation to the community, the environment and ourselves. We are committed to working hard, having fun and maintaining the highest moral, ethical and technical standards.Service: Everyone can act to improve the world; these contributions enrich the givers, the natural environment, and human communities. Our experience demonstrates that people work best when they are part of teams that foster leadership, support individual empowerment and build community.

Phone: 206.322.9296

Earthentree Toys

PO Box 191, 218 Main Street, Kirkland, WA, USA, 98033 - View Map

Handmade wood toys made with sustainable wood and colored with na...

Earthentree toys bring fair trade handmade wooden toys from India made with sustainable wood (locally available hale and rubber wood)and colored with natural and vegtable dyes.Each toy is beautifully and uniquely designed and exceed safety compliance.Handmade made by an artisan community in India. The craft form is over 200 years old. Earthentree helps not only to sustain the community and craft but also bring eco friendly fun and educational toys to America.Earthentree has been featured as one of the top green toys of 2008 by Mothering Magazine and been awarded Baby Palnner's seal of approval.

Phone: 425 753 6968

Earthgarage">Earthgarage.comshows drivers how to make their car greener. We’ve found the products and services to help you get more gas mileage, manage your fuel use, drive more efficiently and save money. Try our MoneySaver calculator and see what you can save on gas.


426 17th Street, 6th Floor, Oakland, CA, United States, 94612-2820 - View Map

Non-profit environmental law organization

Earthjustice is a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth, and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment.

Phone: (510) 550-6700

EarthKey International

PO Box 787, Clarkston, GA, United States, 30021 - View Map

Personal Sculptures created to promote Enviormental Awareness

The EarthKey is an individually hand-crafted Personal Sculpture! 'What your EarthKey unlocks is your AWARENESS of how strong, yet fragile our planet is today. Your EarthKey is made of clay and will break if mistreated or abused. Wear or carry your EarthKey as a constant reminder to treat our planet with respect. The mission of EarthKey International is to establish the EarthKey as the global symbol of Environmental AWARENESS by promoting personal understanding and commitment to our environment as the KEY to the health of Plant Earth.

Phone: 888-417-2562

EarthLinked Technologies, Inc.

10409 Forest Ave., Fairfax, VA, United States, 22030 - View Map

Direct Exchange (DX) Geothermal Heating and Cooling

EarthLinked Technologies, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of direct exchange (DX) geothermal heat pump systems and has been in business for 28 years. Geothermal systems use the natural heat energy of the earth to heat and cool homes and businesses and to heat hot water. DX geothermal is the most efficient type of geothermal system and can bring you significant savings over the life of the system while conserving resources to help save the planet. Our system's natural copper loops exchange heat directly with the ground using ozone-friendly refrigerant. Stop by our booth to see our systems for yourself.

Phone: 703-346-4341


Natural coconut wax candles scented with organic essential oils

Our handmade products are made with all natural coconut wax and 100% fair trade, organic and wildcrafted essential oils. Each candle is hand poured into a recycled glass container, features a lead-free hemp core wick and is packaged in a reusable hand-stamped muslin bag. Refillable, All Natural & Sustainably Made.

Phone: (760) 452-0732


3288 21st Street, #127, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94110 - View Map

High quality stainless steel bottles - sturdy and stylish!

EarthLust bottles are ethically hand made from high quality #304 (18/8) food grade stainless steel, which is naturally safe unlined. Our bottles are a custom design - not stock bottles. We use non-toxic paints and BPA-free safe polypropylene #5 caps. Select from our 13 ounce, 20 ounce and 1 liter sizes. Each bottle comes with a carabineer and optional sports tops are available for all sizes. Please find our line of bottles to a like-minded store near you - every bottle helps to eliminate waste and gives you a safe and stylish way to have a cold beverage near you at all times!

Phone: 415-332-5878

EarthRights International

1612 K Street, NW Suite 401, Washington, DC, USA, 20006 - View Map

Power of law & the power of people for human rights/environment

ERI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group of activists, organizers, and lawyers with expertise in human rights, the environment, and corporate and government accountability. ERI has offices in the U.S. and Southeast Asia.We document human rights and environmental abuses in countries where few other organizations can safely operate. We expose and publicize earth rights abuses through campaigns, reports and articles.We organize the human rights and environmental activist communities around earth rights issues. We are at the forefront of the movement to hold corporations accountable for fair human rights, labor, and environmental practices no matter where they do business.We litigate in U.S. courts on behalf of people around the world whose earth rights have been violated by governments and transnational corporations. For earth rights abuses against villagers in Burma, we brought the landmark lawsuit, Doe v. Unocal Corp.We teach people about their earth rights and remedies, especially people living under repressive regimes. We train villagers and refugee women to testify at the United Nations and other international agencies. We run the EarthRights Schools for activists in Southeast Asia and in the Amazon.We advocate for those who have been harmed, and fight for better earth rights protections at every level, from the local to the international.

Phone: 202-466-5188 ext. 108

EarthSave Chicago

2417 W Homer, Chicago, IL, USA, 60647 - View Map

Promoting a healthy, compassionate plant-based diet.

We're helping to create a healthier and more compassionate city and region by encouraging a shift toward a plant-based diet. In particular, we're promoting a special event that will be held in Chicago this October called Chicago VeganMania that with showcase Chicago's vegan community, culture, commerce, and, of course, food.

Phone: 312-924-1801

Earthshade Natural Window Fashions

P.O Box 1003, Great Barrington, MA, USA, 1230 - View Map

Worlds first and only collection of truly natural , non-toxic window...

The worlds first and only complete line of nontoxic, rapidly renewable, fair trade, insulating, sun-shading & economical window fashions available in 8 operating styles including motorization & top-down/bottom-up for home, office, & fire-code compliant contract settings. Introducing their exclusive socially responsible TrueGreen hemp shades and TrueGreen hemp Insuliner.

Phone: 413.528.5443


7735 Old Georgetown Rd, Suite 900, Bethesda, MD, USA, 20814 - View Map

One stop shopping for environmental solutions.

EarthShare, a nationwide network of environmental and conservation organizations working every day to protect public health and our air, water, land and wildlife.

Phone: 240.333.0300


Earthsite is a New Media Agency for Sustainable Brands. Earthsite specializes in green and social design, web 2.0 development, and social media marketing.


EarthTechling is an online consumer publication focused on all things green technology. From clean energy and electric vehicles to green gadgets and green buildings, our passionate team and readers weigh in on the latest green news, services, and products. Join the conversation, on Facebook, and via Twitter.

Earthwatch Institute

114 Western Ave, Boston, MA, USA, 02134 - View Map

Engaging people worldwide in scientific field research, education

The mission of Earthwatch is to engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education in order to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment. Members of the public can pay to join over 50 field research expeditions and help the scientists conduct their vital research.

Phone: 978-461-0081

2819 Burton Avenue, Burbank, California, United States, 91504 - View Map

Extensive Brand of Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags That Inspire Us All

Phone: 818-847-2174

Earthwise Building Salvage

3447 4th Ave South, Seattle, WA, 98134 - View Map

Used building materials and vintage architectural salvage

Our goal at Earthwise is to preserve Seattle's architectural past by salvaging reusable building materials and architectural features that would otherwise be headed for the landfill, and offering them for sale to the community.Builders, contractors, renovations specialists and homeowners increasingly seek these reusable resources. In addition, these materials are well crafted and have the added benefit of being a cost-effective alternative to buying new.

Phone: 206.624.4510

Earthworks’ Recycle My Cell Phone campaign is a grassroots effort to build awareness about recycling and the environmental impacts of cell phones. We seek to educate consumers about the impacts of their purchases, beginning with the extraction of raw materials through the end of product life. Earthworks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the impacts of irresponsible mineral and energy development while seeking sustainable solutions.


1612 K St. NW #808, Washington, DC, USA, 20006 - View Map

Protecting communities and the environment from mining

EARTHWORKS is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the destructive impacts of mineral development, in the U.S. and worldwide. We stand for clean water, healthy communities and corporate accountability. We're working for solutions that protect the earth's resources and communities.

Phone: 202-887-1872

EarthWorks Expo

2004 Simsbury Court, Fort Collins, CO, 80524 - View Map

Denvers biggest authentically local green-living event

Presenting Denvers biggest authentically local green-living event of the year, a celebration of Colorado's thriving green marketplace and an inspiring showcase of local solution-providers in renewable energy, green building, green transportation, resource conservation and Earth-friendly products and services, coming to the Denver Merchandise Mart August 22-23, 2009.

Phone: 970-416-8700

Fair trade, certified organic coffees

Eatwell Farm

5835 Sievers Road, Dixon, California, USA, 95620 - View Map

Organic food and aromatic plants.

Eatwell Farm is a certified organic Farm in Solano County, just 70 miles from downtown San Francisco. We grow over 50 crops for our weekly produce boxes. We also produce organic pasture raised eggs.Eatwell also has been growing lavender and other aromatic plants for the organic cosmetic industry since 1994.

Phone: 866-627-2465

Echoing Green

Echoing Green unleashes next generation talent to solve the world’s biggest problems. Echoing Green is a nonprofit social venture fund that identifies and supports the world’s best emerging social entrepreneurs—society’s change agents. We understand the difficulties faced by social innovators who challenge the status quo with bold ideas for a better world. We invest in these next generation change agents and create an ecosystem that celebrates social innovation as a high-impact strategy for social change.



Phone: 303-547-5506


P.O. Box 972, Danville, CA, USA, 94526 - View Map

Organic products for mind + spirit

EclipseSpa is proud to bring organic formulations for you to turn your bath into an organic spa using our collection of bath & body products

Phone: 925-743-4198

Eco Art Productions

10 West 74th Street, New York, NY, USA, 10023 - View Map

American art organic handbags water based dyes

A celebration of the Arts and the Environment, we take the original art work of American Artists off the wall and screen onto certified organic cotton handbags using water based dyes. Our artists represent the diversity of our country. Our bags have beautiful details with lavender lining, & interior art pockets in our totes.

Phone: 212-496-0012

Eco Babies LLC

Bowie, MD, USA, 20720 - View Map

Natural diapering, care essentials and toys for baby.

Natural diapering, care essentials and toys for baby.

Phone: 866-571-7074

Eco Citizen

1488 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94109 - View Map

High-end eco fashion boutique

High-end mens and womens fair trade,organic, sweat-shop free, eco-fashion. Designers include EDUN, Stewart+Brown,Loyale, Kelly B., Del Forte, Anna Cohen, Turk+Taylor, Veja, Tom's Shoes......

Phone: 415.614.0100

Eco Detailing Services LLC

721 poland rd, Auburn, Maine, United States, 04210 - View Map

Eco Detailing Services Here at Eco Detailing Services we provide eco friendly products to detail all of your vehicles! We use highly effective, natural products to clean your cars, trucks, motorcycles, municipal vehicles, and more! Ask us about discounts. We work hard to maintain professional excellence and a high standard of auto detailing, while keeping a healthy environment for our staff and customers and doing our part for the environment. Thank you for taking the time to check us out! OUR COMMITMENT A values-driven company committed to water conservation and the protection of natural resources. Matching our concern for the environment with our concern for human health. Formulating and manufacturing effective products that are non-toxic and safe. Standing alone in full ingredient disclosure on labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Complying fully with California’s Proposition 65 which has been in effect since 1986 to promote clean drinking water and keep toxic substances that cause cancer and birth defects out of consumer products. Striving continually to educate users about responsible, sustainable car cleaning and washing. Leading the eco-friendly car care industry in cutting-edge practices. Using 100% recyclable bottles and sprayers NOW FULLY MOBILE, We can detail your Vehicle,boat,rv, and even 18 wheelers.

Phone: 2072399012

eco ditty

PO Box 1202, Nederland, CO, USA, 80466 - View Map

Reusable sandwich, snack + lunch bags: reduce-reuse-eat happy!

When you use a 100% Organic Cotton eco•ditty bag to carry your perishable and dry food items, you're keeping a plastic sack out of the landfill and dangerous toxins like BPA and PVC out of your body. eco•ditty bags can be washed and reused 100’s of times, saving money and reducing plastic waste.

• 100% Organic Cotton fabrics• Made in Colorado• Wash by hand, machine or dishwasher• No synthetics, plastics or chemicals touching your food

Phone: 303.775.3494

Humane products are earth-friendly and vegan - toys/food/care

Phone: 949-361-1441

Environmentally Safe Prescription Drug Disposal Solution


603 Waller St., San Francisco, CA, usa, 94117 - View Map

Unique Handmade Purses made out of Recycled Candywrappers

Eco Fashions is a fair trade business based in San Francisco, California. Our line of uniquely crafted Eco handbags are stylish, fun and the perfect compliment to any woman's wardrobe.Designers in San Francisco work with a rehabilitation center in Mexico City, where young adults ages 18-28 hand make this line of beautiful accessories using recycled candy wrappers, newspapers and magazines. It takes a full day to make a small purse and up to five days to make a larger purse.The individuals involved in producing the Eco collection earn five times more per week than if they chose from the other employment options open to them. Earning a fair wage allows them to pass part of their income to their families and the growth of Eco Fashions has provided employment for senior citizens, single mothers and the formerly unemployed.When you make a purchase, you're not only making a stylish statement, you're helping the environment and improving the lives of everyone involved in producing these beautiful handcrafted accessories.

Phone: 4127306640

Printing on PCW recycled paper with soy ink & non-toxic toners

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Biodegradable, Compostable Containters, Plates, Cups, Cutlery pro...

eco Greenwares offers the highest quality eco friendly biodegradable and compostable food service products made from renewable resources. Our products are ideal for Greenminded cafeteria, school, office,home or any Green event.We offer sugarcane containers, corn clamshells, sugarcane plates, cups, bowls, corn cutlery (forks spoons, knives), sugarcane trays, portion cups, compostable meat trays and compostable bags.

Phone: 510-656-9440

Eco Hatchery

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Eco Kits to save energy and the environment

Eco Hatchery is hatching green homes by providing homeowners with essential tools for conserving energy & water, lowering utility bills, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming. Based in Milwaukee, WI, the company offers Eco Kits with energy-saving products and online tools for tracking savings online and creating personalized roadmaps with recommended actions. The Eco Kits make terrific gifts for family and friends, and are also a great way to fully engage employees and clients in a company's environmental sustainability efforts.

Phone: 414-332-8347

The Eco Hero project is composed of an art challenge and a writing exercise. Participants are encouraged to make an art piece that expresses their wishes/vision for a Sustainable Planet and perhaps also write a letter to their leaders, urging them to safeguard the quality of our environment and to invest in healthy communities for the sake of the present and the future generations to come. 

Eco Home & Office Cleaning Services

28 E. Jackson Blvd., Suite 10-E309, Chicago, IL, 60604 - View Map

Green cleaning for the Chicagoland area.

Eco Home & Office Cleaning is a locally owned service that offers the alternative to traditional, toxic cleaning while helping homes and businesses reduce their carbon footprint with green cleaning supplies, energy efficient cleaning methods and recycling.

Phone: 312.788.0294

Eco Life

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Our Eco Fill program will change the world of plastic bottling!

Eco Life is a local, Green business based out of the South Suburbs of Chicago.We provide environmentally friendly alternatives to toxic household and commercial cleaning chemicals. Consumer health and the environment are our top concerns. Our products are safe to use around friends family and pets. None of our products contain ANY hazardous ingredients as per OSHA regulations nor contain any ingredients that are suspected or known carcinogens. Our Eco Fill program will change the world of plastic bottling!

Phone: 708-283-7210

Eco Lunch Gear, LLC

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Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags Organic Cotton

We make & sell reusable snack bags & sandwich wraps for a waste free lunch. Made with 100% certified organic cotton. Made in Michigan. Sold on Earth. Visit us at

Phone: 231-357-4904

Eco Pioneer Tour

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Renewable energy education & promotional tour.

Renewable Energy Education & Promotional Tour. Solar panels, wind turbines, organic clothing, high efficiency lighting, bags, electric bikes, and more!

Phone: 845.691.7278

Eco Planet Radio and Cerphe's Progressive Show

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Eco Planet Radio and Cerphe's Progressive Show are proud to be an official Media Partner of Green Festival, Washington, D.C. And we invite you to listen to Cerphe's Progressive Show on where music guru Cerphe takes you on a free form journey of rock without rules. From theme sets, deep tracks and lost classics to the well known and unknown, no music is off limits. In addition to world class music, the show also includes eco friendly tips. With great seques, creative theme sets, and easy ways to help the environment, Cerphe

Phone: 703.226.8026

Eco Promotional Products, Inc.

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Full line of environmentally responsible promotional products

Eco Promotional Products, Inc. (EPP) is a full-line, eco friendly only, certified woman owned promotional products company. Our merchandise categories include environmentally responsible Apparel, Awards, Tradeshow, USB Flash Drives, Totes, Golf Accessories, Drinkware, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Pens and Pencils, School Supplies and so much more! All products are made from either recycled, organic, biodegradable, rapidly renewable resources, made in the USA or any combination. We provide information on our products and factories, allowing you to make educated choices.EPPs goals include reducing landfill use, respecting our non-rapidly renewable resources, providing exceptional service at affordable prices and being an active advocate for human rights issues. Our vetted products are useful and not gimmickry. For more information, visit or call 877.ECO. WINS (877.326.9467)

Phone: 877.326.9467

Eco Shoppe

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Eco friendly, all natural, organic retail organization

An eco friendly, all natural,organic retail website organization.

Phone: 772-530-1092

Eco Skin Care

1225 Puerta del Sol #100, San Clemente, CA, USA, 92673 - View Map

Natural Sunscreen from Australia, Reef Friendly and Biodegradable

Phone: (949) 218-2665

ECO Supply Center

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Sustainable building materials, green design and build services

ECO Supply stocks green-building materials for commercial and residential interiors. The family owned company also offers a collection of eco-friendly furniture as well as custom design and build services.

Phone: 804-232-8416

Fashionable, Excellent Quality, and Planet-Friendly Swimwear

Eco Totables

11271 Ventura Blvd, #215, Studio City, CA, USA, 91604 - View Map

Reusable grocery and all purpose shopping totes

Eco Totables is an environmentally conscious organization dedicated to changing the way people shop by providing alternatives to paper and plastic. We sell reusable grocery and all purpose shopping totes.

Phone: 818-766-2621

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Renew.

The mission of our green store eCO Totes and Gifts is simple – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Renew. The disturbing reality that most disposed items for recycling still ended up in landfills stirred an ecological awakening and prompted the opening of our store in July 2010. While the store’s focus has been making environmentally friendly bags and candles, it has evolved into a vital example of how social networking and eco-living go hand in hand. In this day and age, sustainable living plays an important role in shaping our environmental, social and economic future.

Eco Touch, LLC

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Earth-friendly car care products - waterless car wash

Earth-friendly line of car care products featuring Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash.

Phone: (603) 319-1762


1-16-12 Naka, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN, 186-0004 - View Map


eco+waza (Ecotwaza Co., Ltd.)is; A Bridge between Japanese eco-friendly technology and the World We are a bridge stretching from the Japanese archipelago towards the rest of the world, on which traverse a caravan of unique environmental friendly goods. Our mission is to create a sustainable network of local businesses throughout the world and lower the ecological footprint of the global is, to the eyes of the globe, an electron microscope that magnifies and put into focus the massive hidden potential of the Japanese business seeds."eco+waza Web" ( is an E-commerce site where visitors can see and purchase what those Japanese small yet green companies and local factories offer. At the same time, 'eco+waza Web' serves as a business matching directory; if you are wholesale distributors, retailers, shop-owners and others involved in green manufacturing, you can check company information and contact them for possible business and/or technological collaborations, importing and any other inquiries. What does 'Ecotwaza' mean? 'Eco' is the abbreviation for 'ecology' and 'waza' is Japanese for 'technology' or 'craftsmanship.' The 't', which can also be viewed as '+' literally means 'and' in Japanese. Hence, as its namesake suggests, founded in 2006, Ecotwaza aims to lower the ecological footprint of the global society by communicating ecological mind and technology/crafts to the world. Why Japan? Why small business? Traditional Japanese philosophy and culture is based on the awareness that human is merely a part of Mother Nature, forming a unique set of sustainable customs and lifestyle. On the contrary, the country has had its painful yet memorable lesson of environment pollution as a result of rapid economic growth in the 1960s. Through its tradition and having learnt from its mistakes, Japan possesses, in its small business sectors, the seeds of state-of-the-art environmental technology. However, since they are relatively small and not equipped with English proficiency, they remain invisible to and untapped by the world.

Phone: 81 42 573 5613

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Environmentally sustainable solutions for businesses and individu...

Environmentally sustainable solutions for businesses and individuals

Phone: 202-559-0777

Eco-Commad, Inc

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GoFlushless by Eco-Command, Inc. neutralizes urine in the toilet....

GoFlushless®, a revolutionary product that neutralizes the negative effects of standing urine in the toilet bowl. Using GoFlushless® will conserve the clean water used for flushing by 87% and reduce your total household water consumption by over 22%.In addition to saving clean water GoFlushless® eliminates odor, reduces toilet bowl staining, and keeps your bathroom smelling fresh.

Phone: 888-241-3999