Green Home Experts

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Green Building and Home Supplies

Green Home Experts is a specialty retailer of eco-friendly building and home supplies. We offer green alternatives to everything for residential and commercial building projects as well as a variety of everyday home goods.

Green Home Finder is a national, interactive web site that brings "green" properties, products and services to potential buyers. Our customers can list their "green" homes, commercial properties, rentals & hotels/motels, which are each assigned a "leaf" value based on the number of energy efficient, sustainable & healthy features selected. We also invite all types of environmentally aware companies looking to target a "green" audience to advertise their businesses both locally and nationally.

Green Home Huddle

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Green product reviews and sustainable living information

Whether you want to go green to fight climate change, save some dollars at the pump, or give your kids (and yourself) a healthier home, the Green Home Huddle has it all. With products ranging from electric cars to carbon offset packages to organic toothpaste (and much, much more), you can find out what people like you love and what they love to hate. Check out product reviews, discussion forums, and collaborative wiki articles on every (green) topic under the sun.

Volunteer-run non-profit that facilitates green building in NYC!

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Sustainable Green Energy Efficient Makeovers Plus Solar

Green Homes of Washington LLC is committed to helping home owners live more sustainable and as energy efficient as possible. Each one of has a part to do when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and it starts with the home each one of lives in. We first measure the carbon foot print for the household and then perform an energy audit. The audit helps to determine where there are air leaks and if the house is properly insulated. We then closely examine the efficiency of windows, doors, heating, hot water heating, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, lighting, toilets, faucets, shower heads and faucets. We then put together a comprehensive list of recommendations and a estimate for high efficiency replacements. In addition, we have partnered up with Galaxy Electric to provide affordable solar systems that help consumers tap into free electricity and the great state and federal tax credits currently available.

Green Homes, LLC

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Green Homes provides customized in-home eco-audits.

Green Homes performs in-home (or office) eco-audits. We analyze each room of our client's home as well as their yard, car and lifestyle choices to determine their environmental impact. We then provide a detailed report offering practical steps the client can take to save energy, save money and live in a more sustainable manner.

Green Irene LLC

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Eco-Consultants. Clean without Chemicals with Activeion

Green Irene is the only green home consulting firm with a national reach, powering the consulting practices of 650 Eco-Consultants in 50 states. See the new Activeion GPX and HOM to sanitize your home and office without chemicals.

Green Jobs Network

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GJN connects green job seekers to jobs and career resources.

Green Jobs Network helps job seekers who are interested in environmental or social responsibility to find jobs, career resources, and build their professional network. Green Jobs Network operates a job board, produces green career events, and runs the #1 green job community on LinkedIn.

Natural and eco friendly lifestyle products

Green Key Real Estate

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Green and Values-Driven Real Estate Agents

Green Key Real Estate is a Bay Area-based real estate brokerage helping clients express their healthy and sustainable values through their home buying and selling. With agents in San Francisco, the East Bay, Burlingame, Sacramento and Sonoma County, Green Key's certified EcoBrokers® are uniquely qualified to drive environmentally responsible, community-oriented and socially just principles and practices into all aspects of our business.

Environmental Adventures for Children & Animals Around the World

Green Kids Press

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Publisher "Trash to Treasure" Series* Recycling Creatively w/ LT">" alt="greenkidpress" />

Green Kids Press is an eco-friendly publishing company, dedicated to nurturing the imagination, creativity and commitment of children, adults, parents, teachers, librarians, organizations and everyone interested in improving, protecting and saving our planet and the human spirit thru inspirational books and other media.

Proud Publisher of thepopular, amazing, educational and amusing children's illustrated book aboutgoing green, recycling creativelyto help save our planet:

“Trash to Treasure” Series *Recycling Creatively with L.T. "The Bicycle Fence" Written by Tom Noll * Illustrated by Brandon Fall ©2014


Little Tommy is not so little any more. He has outgrown his shoes, clothes and bicycle all in one summer! L.T. (as he is now called) longs for a brand new bike, but when his father builds him one from recycled junkyard parts, L.T. is embarrassed to ride it to school. Can he come up with a creative idea that not only gives him a good-as-new bike, but also provides a new fence for his yard… and helps save the planet in the process?This delightful first book in Tom Noll’s “Trash to Treasure” series, based on events from the author’s own childhood, will inspire young readers to reinvent, repurpose, recreate, reuse and recycle in ways that are both practical and fun.

Tom Noll, Author

Tom is an artist, landscape designer, avid nature lover, recycler and advocate for going green; is a first time writer who lives in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Tom is originally from Somerset, Ohio. For the 15 years he lived in Manassas, Virginia, he was known for his imaginative white bicycle fence at his home, where he decorated them for major holidays.">

Mr. Noll and his Recycled Rainbow Truck are available for school and library signing events.

Brandon Fall, Illustrator

Brandon has always loved illustration and spent countless hours of his childhood getting lost in his drawings. He is now fortunate to make a living continuing to do what he loves from his home in California. Brandon’s illustration and design work has appeared in a number of publications and has won awards. When he’s not illustrating, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children in the beautiful outdoors.">

About Us

As they say:

“As the children shall inherit the earth, teach the children well” — Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Our focus at Green Kids Press is to publish inspiring works that come through the enlightened heart, mind and soul of our diverse authors and speak of social values, physical, mental, environmental or humanitarian truths useful for the child within each of us.

Together We Can Make a Difference in the rest of humanity and the world that we live in. So as part of our ongoing commitment and effort to respect and improve the environment – we print our books in an environmentally-friendly manner, using recycled paper, soy ink and green packaging for our distribution, hence we use less energy and create less waste. We encourage Eco-Green Living when possible to help protect our mother earth.

Our mission is to create exciting, rewarding, enriching and inspiring stories for children that promote the love of reading, develop the imagination and prompt children into positive changes and habits that can impact our world and human race. We believe in promoting literacy at all levels by providing positive reading experiences from a wide range of inspiring stories to help children and adults become avid life-long readers.

Alberto Uclés, Publisher

Green Label Organic

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Organic T-shirts with a point of view

Socially responsible and environmentally sustainable clothing with a point of view.100% certified organicLow impact-garment dyedPrinted without the use of PVCs or harsh resinsSweatshop FreeMade in the USA

Green Lake Nutritional Healing

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Naturally regain your health and energy

Nutritional Healing - a natural health care that looks for the nutritional answer to our health problems. There are 4 stressors on our bodies: chemical, metal, immune challenges and food sensitivities. If we have any of these in our bodies they can break down our organs and body systems causing us poor health. Nutritional Healing finds these underlying stressors in our bodies and uses natural nutrition and nutritional supplements to remove them and stregthen our organs and systems.We will be offering complimentary screening exams at the Green Festival. Stop by for your free screening - we may find the answer to your stubborn health problems.

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Solar Power, Solar H2O, Radiant Heating Integration

Solar PowerWhat we do:Factory RepresentativesSolar Site Survey & EvaluationPhotovoltaic System IntegrationSolar Hot Water SystemsBudgeting Permitting AssistanceEducationSystem Packaging

The intention for creating the Green Film Festival is to catapult the information gathered and experienced in the Raw,Vegan, Living Foods, Conservation and Green Communities into mainstream.

There is a concern by the film festival’s founder( Dorit), that medical costs, lack of proper medical care, allegiance to a failing disease management system and non-distribution of very critical information have become a hindrance to achieving what is our most basic birthright- radiant, robust, vital health. So much ”green washing” is also taking place, all in the name of rampant consumerism, that fiction and fantasy need to be replaced by integrity and adherence to a compassionate, all encompassing new economy backed by meaningful actions. The films selected for the Green Lifestyle Film Festival seek to fill that gap. Knowledge and experience are being presented as options for ignorance and fear based decisions.

Reclaiming media by offering sustainable every day solutions

Green Lil Bums Cloth Diaper Delivery Service

114 INDIAN TRAIL, LAKE IN THE HILLS, Illinois, United States, 60156 - View Map

Premiere eco-friendly cloth diapering service and lil boutique

Chicagoland's premiere "green"cloth diaper delivery service; cozy organic cotton diapers brought to the frontdoor. Our on-line Lil' Boutique offers natural products for mother and baby. Providing families convenience and a sustainable choice to diaper their babies.

Green Living

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Eco-practices at home, at work, and on-the-go

Green Living Consulting believes in a holistic approach to helping your business, organization, or household achieve realistic and cost-effective green actions. The Green Living Consulting process of "getting green" will help you seamlessly adopt sustainable practices and technologies while creating a culture of green in your daily lifeat work, at home, and on-the-go.We recognize that being green means different things to different people, so Green Living Consulting works with you to set green goals that meet the specific needs of your business or household within your budget. In evaluating your day-to-day operations or lifestyle, green living consulting can provide ongoing, personalized direction toward a more sustainable work or home environment. Green Living Consulting is your personal eco-guide for "getting green."

Green Living Design

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Helping you create a more sustainable home.

Since 1998, Globus Construction has been serving the Chicagoland Metropolitan area providing sustainable construction for homes and commercial spaces. Our dedication to our customers and commitment to providing the highest quality product possible make us an industry leader.

Green Living Project

Green Living Project (GLP) documents cutting edge global sustainability related projects and then promotes them via 150+ events across North America. Their mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain on the importance and benefits of local and global sustainability practices. To date, GLP has documented 50+ projects across 14 countries in the U.S., Latin America, and Africa.

Promoting environmental awareness through education and outreach.

Green Machines, Inc.

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The finest Hybrid/Electric Bicycles in America

Offering high tech yet low cost Hybrid/Electric bicycles. Commute to work, run errands close to home, or put more recreation and exercise in your life. Save money on gas, parking and other peripheral expenses by leaving your car at home. This is the future of urban transportation.

Green Maid, Inc.

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Professional residential / commercial green cleaning services

The Green Maid, Inc. is locally-based privately owned and managed professional green cleaning service. We use stricly non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly cleaning products and professional-grade equipment. Through careful selection of certified products and implementation of green cleaning best practices we seek to make a sizable contribution to the movement to repair the damage already inflicted on our great planet'one customer at a time.The Green Maid provides turnkey green solutions for Chicago-area businesses that want to make the switch to green practices, but don't have the time or resources to invest in discovery let alone implementation.Our mission is to deliver superior cleaning services in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We are your eco-solutions partner. Go green today and say yes to healthy living and work spaces!

Green Mansions Foundation

323 West Main Street, Barrington, Illinois, USA, 60010 - View Map

We support and promote local markets and commerce relating to sustainable products and services. We work to bring people the tools, knowledge, and justification to produce, consume and enjoy sustainable products and services relating to food, shelter, transportation and social interaction. We are currently focused on basic farming and gardening, human powered tools and handmade necessities, reused and recycled products, alternative energy solutions, and educational products and services related to the above.

Green Map System

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NYC Green Maps benefit our home community and act as models for other cities, as seen at Our adaptable mapmaking tools, universal Green Map Icons and interactive mapmaking platform are utilized by 800 diverse teams in 60 countries to promote engagement with local ecological, cultural and green living resources.

Phone: 212 674 1631

Green Maps

Interact with thousands of great places charged by local Green Mapmakers around the world. Make these places part of your life, and help your community become a greener and healthier place. Open Green Maps are designed to be explored, customized and enhanced by people like you. You can share your insights, ratings and images or suggest, compare and share sites. Green Map System promotes inclusive participation in sustainable development, engaging hundreds of communities in 55 countries in mapmaking since 1995. Get involved and support this global movement!

Green MBA at Dominican University of California

50 Acacia Avenue, San Rafael, CA, USA, 94901 - View Map

Transform Yourself, Transform Business, Transform the World

Dominican University of California's Green MBA program is an accredited, on site graduate program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Graduates receive a Master of Business Administration degree in Sustainable Enterprise. Students have a choice of two-year full-time and three-year part-time structures.In the Green MBA, we seek solutions that promote financial viability, ecological sustainability, and social justice. We use a dynamic, project-oriented learning approach to integrate the development of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills with the building of critical thinking and leadership capacities.To encourage this transformation in our students capabilities, we have built a close-knit community of teachers and learners woven into a supportive network of business, academic and activist leaders.MissionDominican University of Californias MBA in Sustainable Enterprise is an engaging learning community where people with strong environmental and social values develop effective leadership capacities to advance economically successful, ecologically restorative, and socially just initiatives in any type of organization.

Green Menu

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Help Promote Healthy Living & a Clean Environment By Green Menu

Green Menu promotes vegetarianism, helps people to live a Green lifestyle by promoting membership. Contribute $25 and receive the 1-year membership benefits of discount 5%-25% when dine out at any of Green Menu's 340+ affiliated restaurants in Southern/Northern California; total over 400+ restaurants in USA. Stop by our booth # 1050(SF)/# 713(LA) to learn more.

Sign up for 100% pollution free electricity today!

Green Options

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Web Portal dedicated to Greening the Good Life

When we say we want to help people "Green the Good Life", we mean it. Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't mean moving to a cave, selling your TV, or making any quality of life sacrifices. Our #1 Goal in life is to bring you the information and tools you need to live a great, green life. Visit the Web 2.0 Hub of "Green" at!

Green Options Media

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GOMedia leverages web2.0 to empower sustainable choices

GO Media leverages web technologies to empower sustainable choices. and anchor our network of sites.

Blends of 150+ certified organic or wild crafted products.

Green Panda Cycling

PO Box 15481, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94115 - View Map

Repurposed urban/commuter cycling + dog apparel & accessories

Repurpose, Reuse, ReCYLCE.GREEN PANDA CYCLING supports the sustainable, cultural, greener sensibilities of the urban & commuter cyclists with a website geared 2B socially responsible, offering what you need delivered fresh and local daily to your inbox with a free-wheeling newsletter of sustainable and eco-friendly living solutions, resources, sources, tips, trips, forums, products, repurposed apparel and accessories that make up the components for the life style and bike culture of the urban and commuter cyclist so you can be mobile better- where ever you go. And for the family pet on the go we offer "Scutte" Modern Vintage -San Francisco based pet apparel products that are hip, stylish and eco-friendly! Scutte was created to fill a void in the pet apparel market for sustainable, classic pet clothing that also reflects urban sensibility and style. We want to bring out the 'cool' in your canine!

Green Parents

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Social network where green families meet - join us!

Share tips, learn stuff, have fun! Green Parents is a social network where families enjoy a relaxed setting that helps your family and home be healthier, happier, and more balanced. Groups, discussions, videos, blogs, recipes, and a supportive atmosphere await you and your family. You're invited to come join us.

Eco-Friendly Toner, Ink, Printers & Office Reclamation Services

Bringing a conservation ethic to burials, cemeteries and families

Green Planet Bottling

105 E. Townline Road, Suite 125, Vernon Hills, Illinois, United States, 60061 - View Map

Water bottles made of 100% plants. No Petroleum, chemicals or BPA

Petroleum FREE Bottle Made 100% from plants. At last, a water bottle that's healthier for you and better for our planet. Made 100% from plants, not oil, our petroleum-free, BPA-free bottle doesn't leach chemicals into your water. What's more, our crisp, clean water contains minerals for taste. Green Planet's better bottle is the healthy choice for you and the planet.

Green Planet Films

PO Box 247, Corte Madera, California, USA, 94976 - View Map

Eco DVDs from around the globe!

Green Planet Films mission is environmental education through film. We are a non-profit distributor of nature and environmental DVDs from around the globe. Our goal is to help people understand their influence over our surroundings by offering environmental education media resources. Topics include environmental injustice, endangered species, pollution, urban sprawl, green building, energy and more. Buy or Rent.

Green Plant Fuel

112 Carol street, Carrboro, North Carolina, United States, 27510 - View Map

Distributor of earth friendly sustainable products for plants


Vegan Cuisine prepared with local and organic ingredients 4 you.

Green Power Living, LLC

938 E Swan Creek Rd, Suite 228, Fort Washington, MD, USA, 20744 - View Map

Comprehensive home energy audits and ratings

Green Power Living's mission is to help homeowners & builders create comfortable, energy efficient homes with lower green house gas emissions. We provide a range of services including home energy audits, home energy ratings, renewable energy assessments, and certification services for Energy Star Homes & LEED for Homes.

Green Restaurant Association

89 South Street Suite 802, Boston, MA, United States, 2111 - View Map

Greening Restaurants Since 1990

The GRA is a national non-profit organization that was founded in 1990 to shift the restaurant industry toward ecological sustainability. For 20 years, the GRA has pioneered the Green Restaurant® movement. Using a transparent and turnkey Certification system, the GRA has made it easy for thousands of restaurants to profit and successfully become more environmentally sustainable. With the worlds largest database of environmental solutions for the restaurant industry, the GRA provides environmental consulting, education, and the only official standard for Certified Green Restaurants®.

Coed Summer Camp Connecting Children with Nature

PO Box 2108, Truckee, CA, 96160 - View Map

The freshest hemp products!

Hemp Hoodlamb and Sativa bags are the two high end hemp collections that we carry. The freshest hemp products!

Green Seal, Inc.

1001 Conneticut Avenue, NW Suite 827, Washington, DC, USA, 20036-5525 - View Map

Promoting environmentally responsible products and services

Green Seal is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services.Founded in 1989, Green Seal, Inc. provides leadership standards based on performance and environmental impact and certifies products and services based on these standards.

GreenShields is an idea to make school buses more aerodynamic. Basically, we want to add a "shield" made of plexiglass to the front of school buses. Buses are usually a right angle, which is very inefficient. We want to change that. To make this happen, we have to do the research and development, computer drawings and mechanical models, to turn plexiglass into eco-magic. We all understand the need to save energy and pollute less. We want to use the money that would otherwise be wasted on gas and channel it towards education, especially science and green education. Our goal is that by making a small impact with each bus, we can revolutionize the transportation, so central to education worldwide. Decreasing our carbon footprint, one school bus at a time.

Green Society

3600 Heavenly Mountain Road, Boone, NC, US, 28607 - View Map

Online Community Exchange for Green Products & Services

The Green Society is an internet nexus identifying and offering all that is needed for a thriving human experience. We've created an alternative economy, based on Sacred Commerce, that works for everyone while maintaining a reverence & collective stewardship for Earth.We are a network of socially-responsible persons and businesses that offer green products and holistic services to each other and the World.You'll find in our Green Society Marketplace conscious products that can be purchased directly; as well as, a global trade exchange that allows our members to buy & sell, or trade, their green products and holistic services through a "complimentary currency" model.

Green Solutions Printing

Green Solutions Printing is dedicated to bringing affordable, sustainable printing to the marketplace. We believe that every action can be a step toward healing our planet. Utilizing a wide range of environmentally sound practices, Green Solutions Printing helps customers make a big impact while leaving a lighter footprint on the earth.

Green Solutions Printing

Green Solutions Printing is dedicated to bringing affordable, sustainable printing to the marketplace. We believe that every action can be a step toward healing our planet. Utilizing a wide range of environmentally sound practices, Green Solutions Printing helps customers make a big impact while leaving a lighter footprint on the earth.

Green Space Today

1209 W Sherwin Ave, #209, Chicago, IL, 60626 - View Map

(708) 799-6310

Green Space Today ( is the premier online destination that connects people, companies, institutions, and cities that value green building and sustainable practices. Green Space Today is different than other sites because it offers comprehensive resources, information, and a green community all under the same umbrella for buyers and sellers of green services, products, and spaces. No matter what your green focus is, Green Space Today is for you! -Learn how and why mayors such as Mayor Gavin Newsom (San Francisco); Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (New York City); and Richard M. Daley (Chicago) are transforming American cities.-Discover public and private organizations in your community that can help you go green, save green and make green through employment opportunities. -Find out about green companies such as Jones Lang LaSalle and Skanska and the pioneers of the green movement such as David Gottfried, Founder, U.S. Green Building Council.

Provide infrastructure for triple bottom line co.s to work & grow

Provide infrastructure for triple bottom line co.s to work & grow

7551 N Ridge Blvd, Chicago, IL, USA, 60645 - View Map

Hand crafted raw, vegan meals & snacks. Raw Food classes.

Green Sproutlets LLC

19745 E. Colima Road #150, Rowland Heights, CA, USA, 91748 - View Map

Baby and toddler apparel made from bamboo.

Green Sproutlets is a web-based infant and toddler apparel and accessories store focusing on positive attitudes to make socially and environmentally responsible clothing for our kids. Our products are eco-friendly, using mainly certified bamboo and organic cotton. We use water-based ink and low impact dyes. Absolutely no pesticides, lead or any other harmful chemicals. Making them safer for our children and the environment.

Green the Capitol

Longworth House Office Building, Washington DC, DC, USA, 20015 - View Map

Sustainability Office for U.S. House of Representatives

Sustainability Office for U.S. House of Representatives

Green to Grow

4777 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, United States, 90041 - View Map

Green to Grow Baby Bottles. BPA-free. Worry free.

We at Green to Grow believe parents have the power to effect positive change for their families and for the planet. Our company is founded on our commitment to our children, our earth, and the power of information to make a better world.We offer BPA-free baby bottles, silicone nipples, starter kits, organic cotton baby cloths and organic cotton totes.


4616 25th Avenue NE PMB 445, Seattle, WA, 98105-4183 - View Map

supplying packaging w/ stylish design at reasonable cost

Green TOKYO started to provide environmentally friendly (green friendly), high-quality packaging. Our mission is to supply packaging with stylish design at a reasonable cost.

A black car service going green. Love at first ride!

494 Broadway, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94133 - View Map

The leaders in alternative budget travel.

Affordable adventures with extraordinary people! Discover for yourself why our camping trips have been attracting socially conscious travelers since 1974.

Green Travel Hub by

2003 McCoy Road, Suite C, Orlando, FL, United States, 32809 - View Map

Green Travel Hub by - Book Green Travel Worldwide

You can make an impact without impacting your trip! Greening up your travel has never been easier than it is with We offer bookings with green hotels, hybrid and fuel efficient car rentals, and carbon offsetting programs. We provide a Green Score system for hotels, so you can see which hotels are participating in green programs like recycling, using alternative energy, etc. We also provide standard travel options around the world and we donate 20% of our profits from every booking (green labeled or not) to a customer chosen environmental group. Any travel you book here will make a difference.

Green Vegans / The New Human Ecology

3518 Fremont Ave N, PMB 358, Seattle, WA, U.S., 98103 - View Map

Advocates The New Human Ecology / Seven Results

Green Vegans advocates for the The New Human Ecology to achieve seven minimum results. We do this within a context of campaigning for healthy, intact ecosystems, social and economic justice, negative human population growth, a vegan human ecology, ecologically sustainable economic systems, compassion for all beings, and changes in citizen consumerism.

Green Veranda

1800 S Ocean Drive # 1909, Hallandale Beach, FL, USA, 33009 - View Map

Recycled Newspaper Handbags & Accessories

Green Veranda develops unique eco-friendly handbags, accessories, and home décor that are 100% handmade from recycled newspaper.We specialize in eco-chic, fashion forward purses accented with organic cotton, luxurious fabrics, and sparkle-filled jute. Fair Trade - Each item is completely handmade, often taking the artist 1 to 2 full days per purse to produce. Each piece is unique.

Green Village Realty

2103 Harrison Ave. NW #2722, OLYMPIA, Wa, USA, 98502 - View Map

Affordable Green Homes and Sustainable Communities

Green Village Realty is a boutique Real Estate Company located in the heart of downtown Olympia.We specialize in representing and selling sustainable homes, Intentional communities, land and farm packages, co-housing, and affordable green modular homes for in-fill lots, ADU(additional dwelling unit), and eco-communities.We represent unique properties such as Skokomish Farms, an organic agricultural development on 790 acres in Shelton, Wa. to affordable green modular homes such as I-house and Green Pod. We work in developing Intentional Communities and are active members in The Northwest Eco-Building Guild.

los angeles, CA, United States, 90019 - View Map

Grassroots Non-Profit helping fund local Green Organizations

GREEN WISH: Non-profit that funds local green organizations

GREEN WISH: Non-profit that funds local green organizations

2269 Chestnut Street, #297, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94123 - View Map

SF Publication with discounts encouraging sustainable living.

The 2010 Green Zebra guide make it easy and fun to explore the best of sustainable living in San Francisco.Each edition contains over 300 exclusive offers from, eco-friendly retailers, organic restaurants and markets, Yoga and Pilates studios, independent bookstores, bike shops, museums and more, so there's something for everyone to discover. The guides contain thousands of dollars in savings, and many Green Zebra passes allow you to recoup more than the guide's $25 purchase price in a single visit!Green Zebra also answers many of your questions about living green. You'll find lots of practical advice in this handy compact guide. Check out Green Zebra's action steps to find simple things you and your family can start doing today for a greener tomorrow.Best of all, Green Zebra is good for the community. Sales of each guide benefit a local charity that works with children and the environment, and the passes encourage you to support neighborhood businesses. Dozens of neighborhood schools and nonprofits are using Green Zebra as a healthy and lucrative alternative to traditional fundraising products. The guide also makes an excellent corporate gift for employees and customers. We are a certified green business that prints our passes on 100% post consumer waste recycled paper. Discover how easy it is to "change your stripes" with Green Zebra! Visit us online to find out how to purchase the guide, and register to receive special offers.


1523 Oakwood Avenue, Des Plaines, IL, USA, 60016 - View Map

Eco-Friendly Marketing and Event Management Services

GREEN2B/GREEN2C is a marketing company with a mission: to build connections between individual consumers, corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations in a way that expands the market for sustainable products, practices and programs. Our services include: Strategic Management, Market Research, E-Marketing, Marketing Communications, Multi-Channel Marketing and Public Relations. Let us help you highlight your socially responsible policies at your tradeshows, conferences and special events with cost-effective, environmentally responsible coordination and marketing services.

Green2Gold-Environmental Education Group Foundation

P.O Box 285, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, 93102-0285 - View Map


A project of the Environmental Education Group is the Green2Gold Incubators, which develop, mentors, and rapidly commercializes new energy and environmental technologies, sustainable enterprises, products, and services for the consumer, government, and business marketplaces. Other projects of the ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION GROUP: The California Space Enterprise Center - showcase for renewable energy, fun, educational, futuristic space station park with private space enterprise business cluster and Incubator. b4Neptune - music FD3 Long Term Real Solutions for our worlds imbalances, including poverty, hunger, war, pollution.... Techbrew Multi-Dimensional Mega Mixer - next date January 12, 2013 at the Chumash Casino

Greenbelt Alliance

631 Howard Street, Suite 510, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94105 - View Map

Booth #1067

Greenbelt Alliance is the Bay Area's land conservation and urban planning nonprofot. Founded in 1958, we are a member-based organization with offices in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Fairfield, Walnut Creek, and San Jose.Greenbelt Alliance has helped protect more than 1.1. million acres of natural areas and working farms, and get more than 48,000 homes built within existing urban areas.

GreenBrilliance LLC

102 Elden St., Ste # 18, Herndon, VA, USA, 20170 - View Map

A vertically integrated Solar Installation Company

A vertically integrated Solar Installation Company

PO Box 354, Menlo Park, CA, US, 94025 - View Map

Online Membership Site for Those Seeking Green Careers helps people transform their passion for the environment into a prosperous career, guiding them to identify their green niche, focus their job search, and produce results. As members of the site, users gain access to expert support, green industry resources, green job boards, a discussion forum, and a green career map. Based on what they discover on our site, members can choose to enhance their education, initiate a green job search, launch a green business, green their current job or volunteer in their community.

GreenChoice Bank

2545 W Diversey Ave, #106, Chicago, IL, 60647 - View Map

A community bank that is conscious about more than your money

GreenChoice Bank is a community bank that supports the environmental and social well-being of our communities and planet.  A certified B Corp and registered Illinois Benefit Corporation, our mission of sustainability that informs our entire business, from our locations (including our LEED Platinum flagship opening at the Green Exchange) to our back office (re-engineering ourselves to minimize our environmental footprint), to products and services that reward customers for "green" choices.

GreenCitizen Inc

591 Howard St, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94105 - View Map

Environmentally responsible electronic waste recycling company.

GreenCitizen Inc. is an environmentally responsible electronic waste recycler dedicated towards preventing overseas dumping of potentially hazardous electronic waste. We focus on educating the public about the issues surrounding electronic waste recycling and provide a convenient, accountable and safe way for people to responsibly recycle the electronics in the US.

Eco Friendly Plates made of palm leaves

Greencycling Homes

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Recycling your home interiors before a remodel

Become a part of the Green Team by recycling interior materials pre-demolition or before a remodel. "greencycling homes" connects buyers and sellers of interior products to save you time and money. We photograph cabinets, sinks, fixtures, appliances, granite, built-ins, lighting, fixtures, trim, rugs, furniture., any materials to be recycled and resold. We catalog all interior items; list them for sale on online, then set appointments to meet with the buyers. Buyers visit the worksite and remove the items themselves. They reuse your items, you make some money or donate the items for a tax write-off':PLUS the big savings comes by not paying high fees to a demolition crew to remove and haul off materials prior to your remodel or rebuilding of your home.


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Green Real Estate and Sustainability Advocacy Organization

GreenDwellingSeattle is an organization that hopes to accomplish many goals through it's existence. We are a neighborhood and community advocate, a resource for people and businesses that seek a stronger connection to the greater green community, and are particularly committed to making positive change within the green building industry. Worldwide buildings account for more than 40% of materials and energy use. Through education and creative marketing we hope to increase demand for more affordable, sustainable homes that promote health and vitality for their occupants and the communities in which they exist. Our passion for community and the environment has it's roots in home building and design. Together with our knowledge and experience in green building and our connection to the greater green community we like to think we share a similar mindset to the people we provide our services to.We offer full service real estate marketing and representation services, conduct regular educational home tours, and maintain a website and blog that keep the conversation surrounding sustainability, efficiency, and healthy homes fresh and relevant.

GreenEdge Kids

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Designer eco fashion for kids

GreenEdge Kids is an online boutique with the largest selection of designer eco fashion for kids, sizes 2-14. GreenEdge Kids makes it easy to find cool clothes for kids made of organic cotton, hemp, recycled fabric, and more...all USA-made or fair trade.GreenEdge Denim ( is USA-made premium eco denim for kids, sizes 2-16. With assistance from the finest denim professionals in Los Angeles, the premium quality, fit, and style of these certified organic cotton jeans are unsurpassed.

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Quality Dry Cleaning Naturally in Chicago

Quality Dry Cleaning Services, Naturally.The Pioneer in Green Dry Cleaning Since 1995. Five Locaations in Chicago + Pickup & Delivery.

Greener Earth Tech,Inc

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Az41 Organic Foliar Fertilizer and Quantum Science

Organic foliar fertilizer, made from aloe vera,tea tree bark and Citrus peel (di-lemonene). It has Marco and mirco nutrients, Vitamins and nutrichemicals like saponin, lignin, amino acids, polysaccharides and enzymes to aid in the prevention of disease. It has Natural Pesticidal and fugicidal properties. Quantum Science spa productsQuantum water filters w/recyclable filter, for less waste, quantum spa, quantum flask, Quantum watches, Bracelet,and Pendant. all enhanced with scalar energy for increased energy with other health benefits. A HEALTHY EARTH AND YOU!

Greener Lifestyles

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Sleek & stylish designs for the environmentally keen

Greener Lifestyles designs and manufactures upholstered furniture using eco-friendly and sustainable materials that don't harm the earth.We believe that customers don't have to sacrifice good design to have a healthy home.All our furniture is made using natural materials such as: - FSC-Certified Wood - Natural latex foam - Recycled Polyester Fabric - Organic Hemp, Cotton, & Wool Fabric

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Improving Green Practices...Saving Money...National Certification...