Green Festival Speakers

Cham Ba



A hip hop artist (stage name massiah), youth leader and community activist, Ba is a 17 years old senior at the Arts and Academics Academy in Seattle. He founded a group called Common Grounds at his school, whose mission is to welcome freshmen into the community by connecting them with upperclassmen.

Ba has also participated in Power of Hope artseducation programs for three years and has served on The Youngstown Programming Comity for two years. He is a member of FEEST, the Food, Education, Empowerment ; Sustainability Team, which brings the West Seattle community together through weekly dinners and potlucks, and has offered more than 300 hours of community service over the last three years.

Ba is passionate about improving Seattle schools food ; water programs. He would also like to work to decrease high school drop out rates and stop drug and gang violence. His school recently recognized him as student of the month for his academic and community work. He plans to apply for scholarships from the Rotary Fund for college and would like to study music production, engineering and marketing at Evergreen State College.