Green Festival Speakers

Mud Baron



Mud Baron, the visionary executive director of Muir Ranch, has a broad range of skills and experience in growing food and working with school districts. Early in his career, he was greatly influenced by David Brower, founder of the Sierra Club, who told his energetic assistant to be audacious and bold.

A UC Master Gardener, Baron not only reaches the community through education and outreach, but ensures school garden programs are connected to the vital resources and materials they need to thrive. As the former Green Policy Director in one of the most asphalt-dense areas of the Los Angeles Unified School District, Baron worked tirelessly to green-line South L.A. schools, and prior to that served as a school gardens resource specialist for over 900 L.A. schools.

Mud is not only very familiar with the ‘business end’ of a shovel, but constantly shares limited resources and ideas through his innovative use of Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media He constantly connects with over 25,000 students and gardeners in real time, and his twitter feed, Cocoxochitl, won the 2012 Shorty awards in the food category. These awards are given to the best people and organizations producing short-form, real-time social media content.

The thread that runs through all of Mud’s efforts is his commitment to improving the health and future of kids by showing them how to improve their lives and their communities.