Green Festival Speakers

Kat Barry



Kat Barry is the owner of http://www.katshotcakes.com" target="_blank">Kat’s Hot Cakes, a vegan snack food company based out of Bridgman, Michigan. While she has been vegetarian for most of her life, Kat became vegan four years ago. Suddenly her life-long allergy and digestive issues were all but cured. Going vegan changed her life in such a positive way she decided to make it her mission to share her experience, and her recipes, with as many people as she possibly could. In March of 2011 she moved home to the Shores of southwestern Michigan and started Kat’s Hot Cakes. Kat is almost entirely self-taught and her passion for veganism, culinary arts, and living a full life come through in her dishes. She has learned most of what she knows from trial and error, the women in her life and, of course, Martha Stewart.