Green Festival Speakers

Marisol Becerra


Marisol Becerra is a 20yearold Chicana from Chicago and 3rd year public policy, geography, and community service studies student at DePaul University where she cocoordinates the campus Environmental Concerns Organization (ECO). In 2003, Marisol volunteered with Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) to map and inventory the toxins found within 150 blocks of her predominantly MexicanAmerican community, Little Village in Chicago. Marisol was enraged to discover that in Little Village more than 60,000 youth in a twomile radius of the Fisk and Crawford Coal Power Plants are forced to breathe air that violates EPA standards. She was inspired to act, she said, in order to shut down these coal power plants, build more parks, and clean up the toxics. We must organize more people to stand up and fight. Her first step was launching the youth branch of LVEJO