Green Festival Speakers

Amy & Andy Berliner



Amy's Kitchen is a family business with every member of the family taking part. The company was started in 1987, when Amy was born. Her mom and dad, Rachel and Andy Berliner, carefully nurtured the company as well as the child, paying constant attention to every aspect of its day to day activities and providing the vision that has made Amy's so successful.

Andy, who was born in Chicago and attended Purdue University, was formerly a large shareholder and President of Magic Mountain Herb Tea company, the first herbal tea widely distributed in supermarkets. Rachel was raised in a family who were eating and growing organic food in the 50's, long before doing so was popular. Besides a life long orientation towards natural foods, Rachel also has an arts background, and serves as the company's art director, overseeing all packaging design. Andy provides overall leadership and helps formulate marketing and sales strategy.

Amy herself, now a Junior at Stanford University, is also very much a part of the business and is often present at decisionmaking discussions. During the summer she likes to go to the plant and work on the burrito and packaging lines.

Amy's favorite foods as a toddler were the Vegetable Pot Pie and Macaroni ; Cheese. Her favorite now is, of course, Amy's Pizza, which she serves to her friends at pool parties and sleepovers. Her dog, Stormy, is an important part of Amy's life, and like the rest of the family, Stormy eats only vegetarian food, with pizza being her favorite too.