Green Festival Speakers

Janine Bjornson



Janine Björnson is a natural builder, educator and consultant. She began her career in natural building in 1996. Since then, she has taught over 75 workshops in Canada and the United States. Her passion for building with natural materials bloomed out of her love for the earth, in conjunction with her concern for diminishing ecological resources and toxic buildings. Since then, she has devoted the last decade to immersing herself in the world of natural materials and the knowledge of how we can shape dwellings that are healthy, healing, inspiring and beautiful. Janine is a presenter at various Natural Building Colloquia. She has taught the natural building component of New College of California's, and Dominican University's EcoDwelling programs, and teaches ‘Woodworking for Women’ at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. She is the “natural materials” cyber panelist at www.greenhomebuilding.com" target="_blank">http://www.greenhomebuilding.com">www.greenhomebuilding.com. She lives and builds in Sebastopol, California.