Green Festival Speakers

Seth Eisen


Seth Eisen’s work is a hybrid of visual art and live performance. In 1994, he developed the company Eye Zen Art, an umbrella for producing performance, visual art projects and installations featured at The Oakland Museum of California, Theater Artaud, Zeum, Yerba Buena Center, SOMARTS, Theater of Yugen and CounterPulse. Seth performed as a member of Butoh companies Harupin–Ha and Ink Boat from 1994-99. From 2000-10 he performed with Keith Hennessy and circus company Circo Zero in the US and Europe. Seth’s solo show, Blackbird: Honoring a Century of Pansy Divas, sold out two San Francisco runs in 2009/2010. His project Buffet Flats is a dinner-salon series that cross-pollinates local food and farming activists with queer performance: an edible cooking show, wild cabaret acts, engaging visual art and mini expert talks. We are queering the conversation about growing sustainable communities. More info: eyezen.org <http://eyezen.org>" target="_blank">http://eyezen.org">http://eyezen.org>  & buffetflats.org <http://buffetflats.org>.

" target="_blank">http://buffetflats.org">http://buffetflats.org>.