I have a premium marketing package, how do I upload my logo to my listing?

To upload, change or review your business profile, please visit our website at www.greenfestivals.org. At the top left hand side of the page, click on LogIn/Out. Login with your username and password. [If you have forgotten your username or password, please click the appropriate button to have the information emailed to you.]

After you Log In, you will be returned to the homepage. At the top left hand side, click on Edit Listing. You will arrive at a page that provides your brief company profile.

Click on Edit near the name of your business. This will take you a page where you can edit all applicable pieces of your listing. After you have made your changes and reviewed the existing copy, please click Submit at the top of the page.

It is your responsibility to make any changes you desire to your company profile prior to the Event Guide deadlines for the next city where you will exhibit. Click here for the deadlines

Image Uploading tips

  • 2MBs is our size limit for uploading images. If you are having trouble uploading the image, this could be the problem. Resize your image and try uploading it again. Please note: Our system will automatically resize your image a max of 120 for height and width if your image exceeds this in either dimension.
  • Images need to be .jpg or .png files. Check your file type and convert it to one of these if needed.
  • Unable to load your image? Make sure your filename does not contain spaces or odd symbols.