Will hosting DIY demonstrations benefit my business at Green Festival?


Did you know in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Urban Homesteading has become the hot new trend? Activities like gardening, bread making, bee-keeping and chicken-raising are quickly becoming the top hobbies in large cities as residents aim to reconnect with nature while maintaining small outdoor footprints.

If you are a supplier for any of these hobbies, we want you to exhibit and demonstrate DIY projects at Green Festival! If your business teaches others how to build, plant, cook, create and more, an enthusiastic and receptive audience awaits your exhibitor demonstration.

In times of a continuously suffering economy, folks are returning to their own two hands to learn how to become more sustainable and self sufficient. DIY projects are incredibly beneficial to your presence at Green Festival as you have the opportunity to teach a skill that the audience can take home with them, while showcasing your products in action. Your company will create a lasting impression that leaves people thinking, “Wow! I can do this, and this wonderful company will provide my tools, materials and the know-how to make it possible.”

There are great benefits available for exhibitors who offer DIY demonstrations. Contact your sales representative, call 828-333-9403 x 300 or email exhibit@greenfestivals.org to find out about what you can earn as a DIY exhibitor!