Repurpose & upcycle unused scrap hardwoods to make cutting boards

Small Batch Balms/ Kitchen Made in Virginia

Midwest's first certified organic baby food

Organic green tea and fruit juice. Drink Good.

Fair Trade jewelry items, handbags & gifts

Business + real estate video production

Live a greener, more sustainable life while building community

Recycled Clothing: for the "re" generation

Fair Trade Clothing and Acc. Made with Organic Fibers since 1992

MM treat pain/Massage and Relaxation/Work out/Tone muscles

Hands-free, portable massager to help pain relief & circulation

Healthy Housecleaning with Green Seal products

Eco-friendly house cleaning services

Fair Trade Handbags out of Cambodia "Designed to Carry a Cause"

Certified biodynamic compost and compost tea

100% Natural Gluten Free Aromatic Play Clay

Live Indoor Plants and Indoor Plant Accessories

Formed by a mother, in memory of a mother to protect mother Earth

Making your healthy & green life tastier!

Making your healthy & green life tastier!

Authentic & made-from-scratch tamales with Latin America flavors

Organic,Vegan,gluten free chia based vitality beverages & snacks

Exotic handcrafted Eco Homes/Ohana Cottages/Yurts/Gazebos

Exhibitor Short Description yo1223

Products from Hemp Seed, without herbicides or pesticides

Products from Hemp Seed, without herbicides or pesticides

MannaBread - Sprouted, yeastfree & Artisan sourdough

Family owned and operated organic greek xvoo and olives.

Empowering women through fair trade craft programs.

Fair trade vendor of hand made artisan products from Mexico

100% Natural, handmade, organic skincare for your body and face.

Mantra - Scrubs Reinvented: Scrubs, Tees, LabCoats

Manuka Honey- Throat, Stomach & Skin

Community Action

We make certified organic yogurt from 100% grass-fed cows.

Crafting organic and natural nut and seed butters since 1982.

Advocacy Investing - Your Profit. Your Passion. Your Power.

women's knit clothing, hip and eco-conscious

Fashionable Fair Trade Clothes and Household Items

Specialize in design & installation of native plants

Brazilian hand-made sustainable, Fair Trade footwear & apparel.

Learn strategies to be a change agent for sustainability

"Grassroots, Greeks, Pros & Pols: How the People Lost & Won"

Crunchy, scrumptious, organic, gluten-free, AWESOME!

increasing access to evidence based maternity care of midwives

Whole-house energy audits and improvements!

MPT helps to build better lives & a better world.

Educating public of problems with smart meters & how to opt out

A graduate school dedicated to health and wellness.

World's Best Therapeutic Massaging Shoe Insole

World's best therapeutic massaging shoe insoles

A natural, healthy, eco-friendly approach to comfort & balance

Top #1 Rated gutter protection - your gutters will never clog!

Fair trade handmade women's clothing and accessories

Fair trade women's apparel and accessories fashion label

Fresh, organic & environmentally conscious Yerba Mate'

Fairly traded, high quality handicrafts from Indonesia

Organic hair artists working with a mission; "hair care doctors"

Non-Toxic Hair Salon with Hair Artists Delivering Great Results

Vegan, Non GMO, no MSG frozen products & local retail location

Maya weavings created in the highlands of Guatemala by a family o...

Beautiful, hand-made womens apparel from Guatemala!

Eco-friendly jewelry in 100% recycled sterling

Handmade Guatemalan bags, travel items, baby accessories

T-shirts launch re-use it or lose it brand

Certified organic, estate-grown extra virgin olive oil

PHD Hyperthermal Training/Infrared Sauna Therapy Expertise!

Asian healing therapies to energize, calm, balance and detoxify.

The Medis 24/7 Fuel Cell Power for Handhelds

Conscientious Retreat Center in Heart of Maine

Preserving arts in post-conflict regions. Benefits womens' co-ops

MeGoGreen - Guide, Provide, Inspire.

Melania FLO Fairtrade and Organic Chilean wines

Dedicated to preventing cruelty to farm animals

Degree Programs in Psychology, Business, Education and the Arts.

Human grade food for dogs and cats

Down to earth prefab

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Manufacturer & Distributor - Bio-Plastics, Lighting, Health

Org. dedicated to promoting sensible growth in Chicago region.

Quality handmade, traditional, and sustainable Mexican crafts.


deisel engines runnnig on recycled straight vegetable oil

eco friendly & cruelty free women's fashion made in the USA

Made by hand, all natural, fresh hand chopped herbs and spices

Locally handmade with all-natural and organic ingredients.

Small batch granola, handmade in Maryland. Vegan and GMO-free.

Massage Therapy Franchise Specializing in Alternative Healthcare

Luxurious local eco & animal friendly designer belts & handbags

Sweatshop-free, premium quality cleaning cloths and mops.

Building Energy Efficient Low Impact Communities