Wabisabi Green

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Organic cotton EcoArt throw pillows and bags.

We create stylish organic cotton EcoArt throw pillows and reusable bags for a healthy, happy earth & home. We use premium green materials such as pure organic cotton and kapok from the rain forest to produce our durable eco goods designed to bring art, color and comfort to your home.

WAGES (Women's Action to Gain Economic Security

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WAGES creates green businesses that provide healthy jobs for low-...

WAGES' mission is to build worker-owned green businesses that create healthy, dignified jobs for low-income women. We launch cooperatives where women develop personal and professional skills, become leaders, and gain economic security. Our Co-op Network includes 5 Eco-Friendly Cleaning co-ops serving over 50 cities in the Bay Area.

WAGES-Women's Action to Gain Economic Security


Promoting the economic and social well being of low-income women


Specializing in graduate programs in Sustainability Strategies

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Visit with reps from area Waldorf schools.

Waldorf has become the largest independent, non-denominational education movement in the world, with over 900 schools and an additional 600 early childhood programs in 35 countries. What accounts for this widespread interest? The Waldorf approach provides a rich experience that truly prepares children for the challenges of our world and their future. It is based on the simple but profound insight that children learn in distinctly different ways at different stages of their development. The strong academic curriculum responds to and enhances each developmental stage. It is a holistic approach that cultivates academic, social and emotional intelligence, and connects children to nature and the arts. Engaging the hands and the heart as well as the mind ignites a true passion for lifelong learning'the hallmark of a Waldorf education. There are 4 independent Waldorf elementary schools, one high school and several early childhood programs in the Chicago area. For more information and to see their locations go to www.waldorfchicagoarea.org.

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Our goal is committed to helping you improve your health and well-being. Patients are assured of receiving the finest quality care. Many years of experience have shown that true healing takes time and that it is vital to treat the actual source of health problems and not merely the symptoms. We believe that spinal health is the foundation of well being and nerve stress can lead to pain and other ailments. We are offering free spinal exams and postural screens.

Walleska Ecochicc

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Handmade clothing & accessories from recycled pull-tabs.

ECOCHICC – Ecologically Conscious Organization Celebrating Honoring Inspiring Creative Communities – products are produced from natural sustainable resources and recycled materials by artisans worldwide. We are committed to giving back to all our partnering communities by creating revenue and jobs through the practice of fair trade principles.

Washable Produce Bags

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Washable,lightweight, reusable, nylon, produce bags

Our GREEN product is a set of lightweight, re-usable nylon produce bags to take to the market. Wash your vegetables in the bag and store your vegetables in the bags in your refrigerator. Even the packaging is a re-usable produce bag.These bags will help to reduce the use of plastic bags. Lets all do our part.

Washington Area Bicyclist Association

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Washington DC area bicycle advocacy and education organization

The mission of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association is to create a healthier, more livable region by:-Promoting bicycling for fun, fitness and affordable transportation.-Advocating for better bicycling conditions and transportation choices for a healthier environment-Education children, adults and motorists about safe bicycling

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Professional association for naturopathic physicians

The WANP is the professional association of licensed naturopathic physicians (NDs) in the state of Washington. Incorporated in 1934, the WANP promotes an environment in which naturopathic medicine is widely recognized, understood and accessible throughout Washington state. The WANP strives to improve the health of Washington's citizens through the services of naturopathic physicians and the application of the principles of naturopathic medicine, including primary emphasis on wellness, prevention and non-toxic, sustainable therapies.


Education for the public and the profession


WHS protects and serves all DC animals


Park-Based Community Hub Supporting the Growth of DC Green Spaces

Washington Peace Center

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Education, Resources, Action for peace and justice.

Education, Resources, Action for peace and justice.

Washington Peace Center

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Education,resources and action for peace and justice in D.C.

The Washington Peace Center is an anti-racist, grassroots, multi-issue organization working for peace, justice, and nonviolent social change in the metropolitan Washington DC area since 1963.

Our mission is to provide education, resources, and action for those working for positive social change and a world free from oppression. We strengthen the impact of peace and justice movements by:

- fostering greater collaboration among activist groups

- bridging the gap between global, national & local issues and communities, and

- providing the material support to achieve these goals.

We have political bumper stickers, buttons, t-shirts and calendars for sale. Plus sign up to get involved in building peace and justice in the DC area, take a free newspaper and nominate your favorite activist for a 2013 Activist Award!

Washington Square Capital Management

33 West 19th St, 4th Floor, New York, NY, USA, 10011 - View Map


We're a New York-based independent investment advisory firm specializing in socially responsible investing.

Whether your focus is on the environment, human rights , fair trade or corporate governance, we can help ensure these values are reflected in your investment portfolio.


Socially Responsible Investment Advisor

Washington Toxics Coalition

4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Suite 540, Seattle, WA, USA, 98103 - View Map


Protecting Health and the Environment Since 1981

Since 1981 the Washington Toxics Coalition (WTC) has been a statewide and national leader in efforts to protect health and the environment, and in preventing pollution. WTC works tirelessly to pass legislation that keeps toxic chemicals out of products, food, and schools. As part of these efforts, we are working to change the future of farming in Washington to one that is healthy and sustainable for people, land, and water, and less dependent on toxic chemicals. WTC also runs the Pesticide Free Zone program in Washington state. This program has educated thousands of people throughout the state on maintaining a healthy and beautiful yard and garden without the use of toxic pesticides.

Washington Trails Association

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WTA start your hiking adventure here.

Washington Trails Association (WTA), the voice for hikers in Washington state. We believe hiking trails are our link to wilderness. We protect hiking trails and wild lands, take volunteers out to maintain trails, and promote hiking as a healthy, fun way to explore the outdoors.

Washington Waldorf School

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Waldorf education develops reverence for the natural world.

Washington Waldorf School is part of the world wide educational movement begun by Rudolf Steiner. Our school offers an integrative curriculum and innovative instructional method which provides a unique, developmentally appropriate education. Encouraging clear thinking, balanced feeling, and initiative from preschool through high school, our academic, artistic, and practical program serves our diverse population from pre-kindergarten through high school and is excellent preparation for college and life.

Washme-Envigreen Corporation

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Environmentally friendly automobile and boat wash

WashMe-EnviGreen has turned the traditional automobile and boat washing business of cleaning, polishing and protecting into an environmentally friendly and convenient mobile wash. WashMe-EnviGreen provides consumers with a time saving, value-added service while you are yachting, golfing, dining and/or sleeping. WashMe-EnviGreen uses a special technique of less than a gallon of low pressure water per wash along with biodegradable and no foam detergents that results in no wastewater.


Change Your Water. Change Your Life

WaterFurnace International

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

WaterFurnace manufactures Geothermal Heating & Cooling equipment and their trained, experienced dealers size and install these environmentally friendly systems in homes and businesses.WaterFurnace is the industry leader in this technology and their equipment has the highest rated efficiencies available.Geothermal systems are the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC systems on the planet, according to the Dept. of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. Find out what a WaterFurnace Geothermal system can do for you by visiting our booth, number 7105.


Right to clean water & wise & equitable use of water resources


Promoting Swimmable, Drinkable and Fishable Waterways Worldwide


150 Roy Court Circle, Royal Palm Beach, Florida, USA - View Map


Water Ionizers,Shower Filters,Air Purifiers,FIR Saunas, Rebound

Water Ionizers,Shower Filters,Air Purifiers,FIR Saunas, Rebounders, pH Test Kits, Automatic Sprouters, Magnetic Water Conditioners, Chlorella/Spirulina, Health BooksWaterWorks4u.com H2O consultant Peter Goodgold explains the benefits of an alkaline diet and the health and longevity aspects drinking Alkalized Ionized water. Products are: Rejuvenator Water Ionizers, Magnetic Water Conditioners, FIR Saunas, Rebounders, De-Chlorinating Bath, Shower Filters, Natural Air Purifiers, pH Test Kits, pH Food Charts, Automatic Sprouters, Water Bottles, Chlorella & Spirulina, Health Books


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Waxelene, the petroleum jelly alternative

Waxelene is the petroleum jelly alternative. NO petroleum. Only natural & organic ingredients. Moisturize, protect, and soothe skin all in one! Use it for anything you would use petroleum jelly for and more! Try it for diaper rash, eczema, chapped lips, make-up enhancement and removal, etc.


Sprouted snacks bursting with flavor from unprocessed ingredients

Way Out Wax

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Aromatherapy Candles, Room Sprays, Buddha & Hemp Candles.

All-natural aromatherapy candles and room sprays...scented solely with pure essential oils and free from synthetic fragrances and dyes. Candles are made with GMO-free soy wax and hemp seed oil. Buddha Candles and Hemp Candles are back, baby!


Sample dairy & gluten-free,ice cream,pudding,cheese & sour cream


PO Box 1910, Bozeman, MT, USA, 59771 - View Map


Natural Plant Based products made gluten free, dairy free & vegan

Wayi LLC

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Bamboo fabric clothing

Eco friendly bamboo fabric clothing, socks, and towels


Manufacturers of fine bamboo clothing - all natural & organic!

We Add Up

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T-shirt campaign to stop climate change.

WE ADD UP is an organic t-shirt campaign that counts you in the fight to stop climate change. Choose your personal commitment to reducing your impact on the back of your shirt - such as Recycle, Buy Local, Drink Tap, Shower Together, and 24 others - and on the front of your tee, WE ADD UP will custom hand print your number. Your number is your position in the global count of people adding up to make change. As our count grows, we show the world that WE ADD UP.

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Plant together, grow together!

We Patch is an urban gardening project that connects people looking for garden space with those who have space to offer. By facilitating local, small-scale agriculture through our free service, we aim to strengthen neighborhood communities, foster healthy lifestyles, and promote environmental stewardship.

We Pluribus

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Eco-hip organic tees and hoodies with positive messages

We Pluribus makes hip and trendy eco-friendly t-shirts and hoodies. But We Pluribus is more than a company. It's a message.Our message is one of unity, tolerance, acceptance, and respect for one another and our planet.And because we believe you can be successful by doing the right thing, we put that message on wonderfully soft and stylish organic cotton t-shirts and hoodies that we buy from certified fair trade vendors, ship them in recycled mailers, and power our offices with renewable energy.We Pluribus. We the people. No exceptions.

Wear Adinkra

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Wear Adinkra - earth friendly urban apparel.

Adinkra is a language of symbols by the Akan of West Africa.Adinkra is bold and beautiful in its simplicity.Adinkra is universal in its message.WEAR ADINKRA is sustainable apparel designed to empower the soul.

Wear Your Veggies

Goldendale/Portland, WA - View Map


Fashion for the Food Revolution

Wear Your Veggies is a line of organic T's and babywear featuring original, hand-printed drawings of vegetables! Created for urban gardeners, farmers, foodies, and veggie-lovers of all kinds, WYV celebrates the humble beauty and raw power of these amazing plants that we love to grow, cook, and eat!

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Metal roofing made from recycled & recyclable materials.

Our products are durable, beautiful and protect the environment. Metal roofing is made from recycled and recyclable materials, and is therefore an environmentally sustainable roofing choice. We are proud to specialize in affordable permanent metal roofing systems. Quality for less, Factory Direct! Call for a free estimate!


Ridding the world of wasted food, energy, water — you name it

Weil Baby & The Weil Foundation

17844 N. US hwy 41, Lutz, FL, U.S.A., 33549 - View Map


Baby Feeding Products and the Weil Foundation

Weil Baby produces safe, sustainable baby products developed under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Weil and the precepts of integrative pediatrics. Wil Baby utilizes proven technology and BPA-free materials to minimize health risks for children while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of industry. The complete Weil Baby line is non-toxic and made entirely in the U.S.A. using revolutionary new materials.Andrew Weil, M.D., donates all of his after-tax profits from royalties from sales of Weil Baby products directly to the Weil Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting integrative medicine through training, education and research. For more information, visit: www.weilfoundation.org.


We're a full-service health & wellness center located in UWS


The road to greater health and vitality!

Wembe Amazonian Soul

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Organic skincare from the tropical rainforest of Paraguay

Healing, rejuvenating and beautifying are the exotic ingredients of the Amazon Rainforest. Holding them sacred for their therapeutic properties has been inherent to Paraguay’s culture since the beginning of time -- sharing them with the world is inherent to ours. Wembe’s luxuriant cleansing bars and bath salts are lovingly hand-made and generously infused with the pure essential oils and extracts of nature’s most rejuvenating plants, herbs and fruits. Bathe in our organic blends and experience the fragrant scents, soothing sensations and lush sensuality of the rainforest. Experience Wembe’ and let the miraculous gifts of the Amazon become you.

Western Railway Museum

5848 State Highway 12, Suisun City, CA, USA, 94585 - View Map


Learn about energy, transportation, and ride real electric trains


Education, research & activism to return real food to our plates

4200 Wisconsin Ave, NW. PMB 106-380, Washington, DC, 20016 - View Map


Wise traditions in food, farming & healing arts

The Weston A. Price Foundation is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the American diet through education, research and activism and supports accurate nutrition instruction, organic farming, pasture feeding of livestock, community supported farms, honest and informative labeling and prepared parenting.

What is Enlightenment? magazine

PO Box 2360, Lenox, MA, USA, 1240 - View Map


Redefining spirituality for an evolving world.

What Is Enlightenment? is a category-busting spiritual, cultural, and philosophical magazine committed to bringing a new perspective to science, religion, business, politics, the arts, and the environment. Join us for a revolution in consciousness and culture.

2904 N Avers Avenue, Unit 2R, Chicago, IL, USA, 60618 - View Map


Handbags made from sustainable materials

Founded in 2010, whether bags is a line of handbags and utility bags for the modern woman or man. Our bags are constructed with sustainable materials such as hemp and hemp/cotton blended fabrics to be earth conscious. Whether it is summer or fall, we have bags for all seasons.


5 unique flavors of green salsa. Awesome for cooking!

White Violet Center for Eco-Justice

1 Sisters of Providence, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN, USA, 47876 - View Map


Promoting awareness and a way of living which support all life.

White Violet Center for Eco-Justice, a ministry of the Sisters of Providence, exists to foster a way of living that recognizes the interdependence of all creation.Education is at the core of our programs, which include, organic farming and gardening, raising alpacas, children's environmental education, internships, sabbaticals, Classified forest, beekeeping and fiber.

Whole Life Superfoods

14113 SE Fairoaks Ave., Portland, OR, 97267 - View Map


High Power Organic Superfoods at Discount Prices

Organic Superfoods including Spirulina, Wheat and Barley Grass Juice Powder, Maca, Chlorella, Many Berries, Olives and other High Power Foods at Discount Prices to the Public Come By and say Hi and Sample my Products.

Wholeness for Humanity (WFH)

4545 42nd Street NW #300, Washington, DC, us, 20016 - View Map


Building Working Relationships thru Community: Environment

DC Green Festival onSeptember 21-22, 2013at the DC Convention Center/Hall A.

WFH is at the Community Action Pavilion Booth #312

Wholeness for Humanity (WFH) is a service and educational organization that promotes health, the environment, social justice, and peace through a wide range of educational and fun events, partners, and venues.WFH helps people who seek to make a difference connect with one another and with experts. It incubates innovative collaborations among stakeholders, ideas, programs, and services that contribute both to the individual and to humanity. Some of the paths taken include:

- Raising awareness of the environment by discovering the links that connect health, watersheds, and estuaries

- Conducting fun and educational EcoActive programs to enhance healthy lifestyles and support a sustainable ecosystem

- Building working relationships through community and special interest circles

http://app.e2ma.net/app2/campaigns/archived/1412411/dc3fffb9495724ad74bbc69c27271a02/">See previous WFH e-NEWSLETTER "Spring Flowers - May 2013"http://app.e2ma.net/app2/campaigns/archived/1412411/afc4e09f05948864549af47b316a3f88/">See the Current WFH e-NEWSLETTER "Summer 2013 WFH newsletter"Green Action/Events (go to WFH site for registration links if not supplied below):Fall EVENTS:(Links below for more info, registration, and volunteer opportunities):1) September 7: GreenLiving DC Expo (10 AM - 4 PM):http://wholenessforhumanity.givezooks.com/events/copy-of-greenlivingdc-embassy-ecotour">http://www.givezooks.com/images/buttons/learn_more/100x30.png" alt="learn more" width="100" height="30" />2) September 14th:http://www.edow.org/news-and-events/events/featured-events/bishop-s-bike-ride">EDOW Bike Ride Gettysburg Meander Metric Century with the Bishop3) September 21-22: GreenFestDC 9 AM to 8 PM both days - WFH booth4) SuperH Handcycle Race, Sunday, September 22, 8 - 11 AM, Tysons Corner Sport & Health5) October 5th: Sea Gull Century with EDOW Bishops Bike Team6) October 13th: EDOW DC Monument Bishops Bike Ride7) November 9th: OSL-DC Day of Healing with Lanny Clark8) January 11-12, 2014: NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo - Green Pavilion

Wholesome Sweeteners

8016 Highway 90-A, Sugar Land, TX, USA, 77478 - View Map


Fair Trade Certified, Organic and Natural Sweeteners

Fair Trade Certified, Organic and Natural Sugars, Nectars, Syrups and Honeys

3375 Wilbur Springs Road, Williams, CA, USA, 95987-9709 - View Map


Mineral Hot Springs Inn & Nature Preserve

Wilbur Hot Springs is an eco-friendly, completely solar-powered Inn & 1800 Nature Preserve with naturally occurring hot mineral water. Located off the grid with no cell phone reception, wi-fi, TV's or phones in the rooms.Soak in the mineral baths, get a massage, enjoy solitude, relaxation, peace & starry skies.

Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery

10033 S. Wesrtern Ave, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., 60643 - View Map


Wild Blossom Meadey Greening The Earth With Honeywine

Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery was founded to produce the finest honey wines (Meads) in the Midwest. We are Chicago's first winery and Illinois' only meadery on the Northern Illinois Wine Trail. We are especially proud to utilize local honeys and fruits in both traditional and contemporary styles of meads. Our honey bees collect nectar from the prairies of Illinois and the sand dunes of Lake Michigan. We also have select locations in the City of Chicago where industry has left and nature has reclaimed vacant lots and parking areas with wild flowers. Our honeybees forage these areas in addition to the beautiful gardens that typify our city. Mead is the most sustainable wine on Earth. In the production of just one bottle of mead, honey bees pollinate more than 2,000,000 flowers that may turn in to more than 20,000,000 seeds that can add more green to the earth.

Wild Boar Creek, LLC

1031 Railbed Drive, Odenton, MD, USA, 21113 - View Map


Lovely fair-trade handicrafts from Cambodia!

Handwoven silks and other lovely fair-trade handicrafts from Cambodia!


Exotic Organic Chocolate Bars

Beef Jerky, Southern Hibiscus Peach, Hickory Smoked Almond, New Orleans Chili, and Sweet Cherry Pecan Organic Dark Chocolate Bars


Volunteer-driven habitat restoration, nature & culture education


Sustainably sourced tuna, salmon & shrimp.

Wild Stones

1121 Leonard, Evanston, IL, USA, 60201 - View Map


Products from patterns designed by ancient Earth.

Wild Stones was founded as part of an artistic project to document the world's oldest rock and mineral sites. We were deeply affected by the power and beauty of these ancient sites, some dating back 4 billion years, and by the stones' striking, sinuous patterns, which we captured in our photographs. In partnership with Holy Cow Company, we have transferred our images to fabrics to create the Wrapped in Earth clothing line. We want to share with others the feeling of being nurtured and protected by ancient Earth, especially during these turbulent times. We also offer print products, including a book project, Echoes of Earth, to be published as a limited first edition. Our future plans include a line of children's clothing as well as linens, wall hangings, and other products. A portion of each sale goes toward supporting efforts to preserve and protect these ancient sites from mining and commercial exploitation. Wild Stones ". . . been around for over 4 billion years . . . " L. Sue Baugh and Lynn Martinelli www.wild-stones.com

Wilderness Awareness School

P.O. Box 219, PMB 137, Duvall, WA, USA, 98019 - View Map


Year-long training course in nature, outdoor skills and community

At Anake Outdoor Schoolyou experience 9 months of in-depth trainingin a powerful set of nature awareness, leadership, and wilderness survival skills. You are guided through field studies focused on: • primitive wilderness survival skills • wild edible plant preparations • principles of leadership • nature-based mentoring skills • wildlife tracking techniques • bird language studies

In your year you will develop a deep and intimate relationship with the natural world. This life-changing wilderness experience is grounded in a powerful,community-oriented philosophy of learning. Your year is informed by the legacy of indigenous cultures from around the world. Each experience is crafted around a cutting-edge understanding of our natural heritage as human beings.Your adventures are based out of our beautiful campus in Duvall, WA. You travel on exciting expeditions throughout the year: • across the Cascade mountains • through the high deserts of eastern Washington • among the sand dunes of Oregon • under the redwoods of California • and many more beautiful locations!At Anake Outdoor School,you will develop the eyes, the ears, and the awareness with which to help our culture move forward into the future in a healthy and sustainable way.

Wind for Illinois

Chicago, IL - View Map


The wind energy industry's trade association in Illinois

Wind for Illinois (WFI) is a trade association working to increase the use of clean, emissions-free wind energy in Illinois. Representing companies and individuals in the wind energy industry, WFI advocates for state-level policies and regulations that encourage rapid and responsible development of wind resources in Illinois.Formed in late 2007, WFI serves as the voice of the wind industry in the state, providing important data and expert analysis to the General Assembly, the Governor's office, state agencies, the media and the public. Wind for Illinois is only trade association for wind power in the state and our membership includes many of the largest players in the global wind industry.

Wind Ridge Herb Farm

466 Quail Trap Road, Caledonia, IL, USA, 61011 - View Map


All things herbal-plants/teas/vinegars/dips & more for your healt

Wind Ridge Herb Farm prides itself in offering over 400 varieties of organic culinary and medicinal herbs in addition to over 100 varieties of heirloom vegatable plants. An extensive product offering includes plants, fresh and dried herbs, teas, dips, herbal blended seasonings, vinegars and many other unique herbal products.


300 Queen Anne Ave N #355, Seattle, WA, USA, 98109 - View Map


Small Wind Powered Consumer Products and Programs

Windbalance is a Seattle based company focused on Consumer Product Relationships that directly create renewable energy.Small Wind Power intention for homes and schools is our focus for 2008 participating consumer products.

Chicagoland, IL - View Map



To provide our customers with excellent, value-laden home renewal products which enhance their home's appeal and energy efficiency. We always work tirelessly to satisfy our customers. We believe our standards of quality, ethics, and integrity are unmatched. We strive to be easy to work with and look forward to building long-term relationships with each and every customer WindowWorks takes pride in our reputation as one of the finest home renewal companies in the Chicago-land area. We promise to deliver the best results to each and every customer through reasonably priced, quality products, professional installation, and exceptional customer service. As a family owned business, each customer becomes a part of our extended family.


Radient Shield (E-Shield)/green windows! Be energy efficient!


At fine wine accessories, we sell all wine accessories, wine tasting accessories, champagne acessories and cocktail accessories which includes wine glasses, champagne glasses, wine baskets, wine buckets, wine decanters, corkscrews, wine measures, wine warmer, wine ice buckets, spirit measures, wine Carafes, wine Barware, wine pourers, wine bottle stoppers, wine coasters, wine openers, Champagne Sabres, Clef du Vin, Decanting Cradles, Wine Coolers,Wine Preservers and Wine Breathers, Wine Thermometers and Hygrometers etc.


Our Daily Red & Orleans Hill certified organic/sulfite-free wines


USDA certified organic California red wine!

Winifred Jewelry

100 se harney st #15, Portland, oregon, 97202 - View Map


High-end Streetwear Jewelry:Fruitskulls, Love Knuckles.

Handmade, Portland Oregon based, Street Wear Jewelry. Made with Recycled metal of Course!Genetically Modified Mutated Fruitskulls, LoveKnuckles, Snakes on a Chain, and Bad Ideas will be present. Cartoonish, Sci-Fi based peices with political undertones.Come See Me at Booth 414!-Winifred

Winning Ways!

WinVivo Corp

1030 E. El Camino Real, #168, Sunnyvale, CA, USA, 94087 - View Map


Natural Nutraceuticals, Skin Treatment, and Functional Foods

WinVivo is a green healthcare company based in California's Silicon Valley. Founded on the principle of "Food as Medicine" WinVivo's international team of biomedical professionals combine the best from the East and the West to develop highly effective natural health and personal care products based on Asia's thousand year-old traditional knowledge base of using botanicals for preventing or treating disease and modern scientific research of biological functions of the botanicals with safety and efficacy that have stood the test of time.

Wisdom Wands

651 NE 203 Lane, Miami, , FL, USA, 33179 - View Map


Portable Single Serve Tea & Coffee Brewing Tools

Health Tea Wand & Java WandEasy And Portable Single Serve Tea And Coffee Brewing ToolsInstantly Brew & Sip - Durable Hand Blown Glass Straws With Specialty FiltersEco Friendly And Protects Environment - Ideal Alternative To Toxic Plastic StrawsKeep Your Smile White - Prevents Dental StainsThe Health Tea Wand is a portable, single serve, glass strainer attached to a durable, hand blown glass straw that brews and filters tea leaves, herbs, and infusions in your cup. The Java Wand is a portable, single serve, miniaturized French Press filter attached to a durable, hand blown, glass straw that brews and filters coffee and tea leaves in your cup.*Both Wands are packaged in a biodegradable, indestructible, lightweight, carry cases that have special compartments to introduce and transport coffee and teas.


225 Cottage Ave., Cashmere, WA, USA - View Map


Jewelry/wedding bands handcrafted from 100% recycled gold.

Jewelry/wedding bands handcrafted from 100% recycled gold. Why recycled? 20 tons of mining waste are generated to mine enough gold for one ring! We also use lab-created gems (physically/chemically identical to mined gems).


3 Gate Five Road, Sausalito, CA, USA, 94965 - View Map


Come visit us at the Bookstore!

WiserEarth serves the people who are transforming the world. It is a community directory and networking forum that maps and connects non-governmental organizations and individuals addressing the central issues of our day: climate change, poverty, the environment, peace, water, hunger, social justice, conservation, human rights and more. Content is created and edited by people like you. Come visit us at the bookstore!

WishGarden Herbs

3100 Carbon Pl. #103, Boulder, Colorado, USA, 80301 - View Map


Uniquely effective herbal remedies, family-tested since 1979.

WishGarden Herbal Remedies is an independent, woman-owned, family-run, community-conscious business devoted to helping people achieve health and balance through the use of herbal tinctures, oils, salves, and teas. MISSION - We nurture individual, social and environmental health through providing eco-friendly botanical remedies that introduce people to the hidden power of nature in its simplest form.   VISION - Our vision is to be a revolutionary international provider of eco-medicinal remedies and everyday natural products. We are a vehicle for creating a more sustainable future through nurturing individual, social and environmental health.

Wolf Haven International

3111 Offut Lake Rd SE, Tenino, WA, USA, 98589 - View Map


Organization whose mission is working for wolf conservation.

Wolf Haven International is a popular tourist attraction and nonprofit organization located half way between Portland and Seattle, in Tenino, Washington. Wolf Haven has worked for wolf conservation since 1982. Their mission is to provide sanctuary for displaced, captive born wolves; and through education and conservation efforts, work to protect the role of the wolf in our ecosystem.Wolf Haven is one of the largest and most respected wolf sanctuaries in North America, having rescued well over 100 wolves in the last 27 years. Located just 15 miles south of Olympia, WA, Wolf Haven sits on 80 acres of rare Mima Mound prairie and woodlands. Visiting groups can enjoy guided tours or special, age-appropriate, educational programs. They also have a unique adopt-a-wolf program and opportunities for both individual and corporate membership.Wolf Haven is a participant in the Species Survival Plan which is a partnership between captive facilities and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. They successfully breed both Red wolves and Mexican Gray wolves for reintroduction into the wild. They also serve as one of only three pre-release facilities in the United States for Mexican Gray wolves. Wolf Haven International receives no state or federal funding, and is supported entirely by donations from individuals and businesses.

Wolfson Earthen Finishes

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Natural building, artesian wall systems and finishes

Natural Building Services, Consultation, Materials, Workshops. Fine Finishes.Wolfson Earthen artisans utilize all natural building, sculpting, and finishing materials to transform interiors, structures, and gardens into reflections of the inhabitants' lives, hopes, and needs. Artisans arrange natural building materials into vibrant fixtures of form, color, and texture that are each unique in design and function.We specialize in clay based building systems and materials: fine clay plasters and paints, cob mixes and adobes and straw bale and clay-lime enclosures. Textures and depths created with clay plasters offer an unusually warm elegance that transform spaces into unique places. We are enamored with clay's unsurpassed simple sophistication.Natural Building Workshops: Educational and experiential workshops and seminars on natural building technologies help re-introduce traditional building techniques to the Chicago area.


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Handmade, recycled paper supporting employment for women in Chica...

WomanCraft, a social enterprise of Heartland Human Care Services, located in Chicago's North Lawndale neighborhood, uses recycled office paper and reclaimed flowers to create unique, sustainable, handmade paper products, such as wildflower seed note cards, wedding invitations, memory books, gift tags, and frames. WomanCraft provides artisan positions and transitional jobs to women facing barriers to employment so that they may earn income, engage in meaningful work, improve job skills, and increase their economic self-sufficiency.WomanCraft is the winner of the Mayor Daley Greenworks Award and the Illinois Recycling Association's Award for "Best Use of Recycled Material."

Women of the Cloud Forest

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Fair-trade rainforest seed jewelry from Costa Rica

High in the mountains of Costa Rica, there is a group of women who create art from nature. Women of the Cloud forest is a fair-trade project that offers employment opportunities to rural women and their families. The product line consists of unique rainforest seed jewelry and hand-embroidered bags.

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Transforming the lives of women since 1989

The Women's Bean Project is a non-profit business dedicated to helping women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment by working on overcoming barriers to employment.


Organic,Raw,Vegan Non-GMO Gourmet Snack Manufacturer

Enviro-artist/interior design using GREEN WALLS/speaker at NY GF!

Woodland Park Zoo

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Woodland Park Zoo saves animals and their habitats

Located on 92 acres just minutes from downtown Seattle, Woodland Park Zoo is renowned for its award-winning naturalistic animal exhibits and innovative programs. Exhibiting nearly 1,100 animals representing almost 300 different species, the zoo is a time-honored tradition for families throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond. The zoo is also dedicated to wildlife conservation, with more than 43 projects in 30 countries around the world, protecting everything from elephants to butterflies. The zoo's horticultural collection is equally compelling with thousands of species of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers and a noted rose garden which displays new and experimental varieties each year.


Shelter and advocacy for farmed animals.