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Mineral Makeup? No. Fruit Makeup!Scrub and Mask, 3-n-1. Made of dry ingredients in a glass sustainable packaging which lasts forever! 5 for different skin types: CAROB-normal, RASPBERRY-dry, CITRUS-oily, STRAWBERRY-aging/spots, GINGER- detox. All smell extravangantly delicious and are good enough to eat!They contain yogurt, honey, eggwhites, buttermilk,coconut, fruit and more.Apply a scrub using SOME drops of L'ORganique Serum13(mandarin, grapefruit, orange, keylime, lemon etc). Make a mask using water or any liquid such as cranberry/orange juice; or apply dry for a foundation or blush! Make lipstick using L'ORganique's day cream/gel.L'ORganique's day and night cream are so lucious and thick a little goes a long way (see for yourself putting the container upside down!)They both give a mild sunscreen protection, and stay on even under water! These 8 facial products are mostly 100% organic approved by the USDA, OTA & COOP AMERICA. Indulge in L'ORganique its worth the experience!