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Remember "Mr. Potato Head?" Well, Meet "KI - The Earth Toy." KI's smiling face is the Sun, the arms are beautiful Dolphins, the sturdy legs are trees from the forest that support the round body our Earth.

All toy parts are connect with Velcro that re-enforces our understand of our connection to Mother Earth ...Aware Toys is a life passion to honor our Mother Earth and all that share this sacred Space.
The connection with Mother Earth is brought forth in harmony with this soft form toy design named "KI" we are all connected to each other even if we live in different places, for we all live on this home we call Earth. My Grandmother "KI" who was a teacher taught me the importance of our connection to Mother Earth. Her cabin on Ten Mile Lake in Minnesota inspired her teachings of Nature and the meaning of:

Educate - To give knowledge to or to develop the abilities of somebody by teachings
Elevate - To lift somebody's mind or Spirit to a more enlightened or exalted level.
Enlighten - To free someone from ignorance or prejudice. These are the additions to 3 R's in Education .... This toy has been inspired by my Grandmother which is why I've lovingly name her "KI" It's in honor of you Grandma!About Cindy ClickCindy Click founder and owner of Aware Toys Inc. creator of "KI" The Earth Toy, grew up in Northern Minnesota, with the teachings of many Earth Honoring traditions and ceremony.

She began her spiritual practice at of 2 years old by talking with the trees, as her Grandfather began the connection to Nature at this very young age. Leading Cindy down a spiritual path to many modalities and experiences finding herself within an Ashram in India, from there taking the road down the Reiki Healing Path, Hawaiian and Peruvian Shamanism, Advance Healer training through breath energy work.

Creating and healing through relationships of Spirit and Breath.... Cindy is a Kultrun drum carrier, from the Mapuche Tribe... She has also lead healing circles, trans dance and guided meditations... Note: This is a Certified Dr. Toy ~ Smart Award Winning Toy by the institute for Childhood Resources.