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Better Energy Systems

1508 6th Street, Berkeley, CA, USA, 94710 - View Map


Better Energy Systems was founded in 2001 in London (UK) with the vision to commercialize renewable energy technologies. Specifically, the company would focus on innovative products with good design and backed by effective marketing. The goal is to close the gap between renewable technologies and consumer acceptance. Consumers should not have to compromise on style, design and functionality to take advantage of renewable energy.The companys first product, Solio, was launched in 2004. Solio is a hybrid (solar and electricity) universal charger for mobile devices. Solio has won several awards including Best of Show at MacWorld Expo, San francisco 2005, the BIOS Magazine Technical Innovation Award. Today millions of people are using Solio including the US Red Cross and all the members of the Clinton Global Iniciative.Better Energy is now expanding its scope of action to remote villages in Africa providing Solar Power for light equipment and communications.