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Birchware Compostable Utensils

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In looking for an alternative to disposable plastic utensils Birchware provides the solution... Our products eliminate landfill waste while providing you with a unique dining experience. Birchware utensils are manufactured from farm raised birch trees. They contain no dyes, bleaches, or glazes and are completely compostable. Birchware unlike bio-plastics does not require the use of a commercial compostier. Since Birchware contains only 100% farmed raised birch trees it will completely biodegrade in any type compostier in under 60 days. In the hospitality industry the chance to impress your customers may only come but once. Being Green is a very relevant issue in todays marketplace. Birchware is the best environmental option with an unmatched elevated aesthetic when compared to other green products. Choose the compostable alternative to bio-plastics that shows your guest you care.