Green Festival Exhibitors

Blissful Home, Inc.


Blissful Homemakes green home cleaning products with the power of aromatherapy.Our mission is to change the way people clean, making it a positive and uplifting experience. We do this by using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that create a sense of bliss with each spray. Our essential oils have the proven benefits of stimulating, calming and healing the mind, body & spirit. And they go beyond smelling incredible! Their natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities make them highly effective for cleaning.We use simple ingredients that everyone understands. Every ingredient is food-grade and naturally safe for humans, animals and the environment.We also infuse our products with the high-vibration energy of yogic chanting, which is something that no other product has.At Blissful Home, we are not just about GREEN. We are about the EXPERIENCE. We are about CONNECTION. We are about BLISS.