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Blossom Green Nutrition Consulting

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My goal is to assist others in feeling more joy and wellness in their lives. I offer Nutrition Consulting and EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique sessions as my primary healing tools. I also promote superior products from supplements to a detoxifying foot bath machine that are powerful aids in healing. What are your health goals?Maybe it is to lose weight, improve self-image, relieve insomnia, attain better health over-all, or perform at your best in some area of your life.In my experience as a nutritionist I find that emotional aspects can play a big part in the healing process. Diet and lifestyle play a role in our emotional state as well. Which came first, the dietary influence or the emotional one? This is a really great question, and is not always easy to know. Both contribute to our over-all sense of well-being to be sure and both can be approached with nutrition and EFT. Many of us have difficulty feeling motivated at all to take supplements, exercise, eat better consistently, or in general take better care of ourselves. If this is the case, I recommend beginning with EFT, as it works to uncover underlying issues or concerns that are getting in our way of really moving towards our goals. I find that detoxification can also be a missing link in uncovering difficult health concerns. In today's world, we are bombarded with ever greater toxins from water, air, food and home products from cleaning products to furniture.