Green Festival Exhibitors

Green Building & Smart Energy

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

Premium Gutter Guards and Rain Harvesting Systems

Eco Renovation / Spray Foam Insulation / Energy Audit / Mold

Save energy: Add insulation/spray foam/air sealing/energy audits

IceStone: stylish, sustainable surfaces made in Brooklyn, NY

Leafguard, the recycled/lifetime guaranteed/clog-free rain gutter

Top #1 Rated gutter protection - your gutters will never clog!

Cleaner energy/save money & support charities

Green LEEDers Home Improvement Services.Computer/Green Skills Tra

Energy efficient windows, roofing and doors

REA is listed top 100 US installers for solar and wind power

Environmentally Friendly Permanent Home Exterior Coatings

Daylighting systems/solar power attic fan/wholesale ventilation

Thousands of contractor referrals since February 1999.

Nonprofit that advances sustainable buildings and communities.


Radient Shield (E-Shield)/green windows! Be energy efficient!