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Green Festival Exhibitors

Community Action

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Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.


Building a global grassroots movement against the climate crisis


Anti-war educational books and DVDs


Supporting Indigenous Peoples, Protecting the Amazon Rainforest


Sustainability and Advocacy for the arts community of Los Angeles


Ensuring the safety of food for California children & families


Sign Petition for CA Disclose Act to Stop Secret Money Super PACS


Higher quality living patterns at a lower environmental impact


we are a holistic non profit rescue for cats and dogs


Providing Environmentally Conscious Businesses a Place to Connect


The intention for creating the Green Film Festival is to catapult the information gathered and experienced in the Raw,Vegan, Living Foods, Conservation and Green Communities into mainstream.

There is a concern by the film festival’s founder( Dorit), that medical costs, lack of proper medical care, allegiance to a failing disease management system and non-distribution of very critical information have become a hindrance to achieving what is our most basic birthright- radiant, robust, vital health. So much ”green washing” is also taking place, all in the name of rampant consumerism, that fiction and fantasy need to be replaced by integrity and adherence to a compassionate, all encompassing new economy backed by meaningful actions. The films selected for the Green Lifestyle Film Festival seek to fill that gap. Knowledge and experience are being presented as options for ignorance and fear based decisions.


Promoting environmental awareness through education and outreach.

Green Menu

1030 Coronado Drive, Arcadia, CA, U.S.A., 91007 - View Map


Help Promote Healthy Living & a Clean Environment By Green Menu

Green Menu promotes vegetarianism, helps people to live a Green lifestyle by promoting membership. Contribute $25 and receive the 1-year membership benefits of discount 5%-25% when dine out at any of Green Menu's 340+ affiliated restaurants in Southern/Northern California; total over 400+ restaurants in USA. Stop by our booth # 1050(SF)/# 713(LA) to learn more.

Phone: 877-771-5281


Help at-risk & formerly gang-involved women with job training


A 7-day bike ride to raise money and awareness in the fight against ...

Liberty Hill


Liberty Hill is first to identify community leaders at the frontlines of change. We invest in change makers and equip them with the skills and relationships they need to build power and advance social justice. After more than 30 years, Liberty Hill is uniquely positioned to bring together forces for change and forge a common agenda for equality and opportunity in Los Angeles. Liberty Hill:Change. Not charity.


Higher quality living patterns at a lower environmental impact

Mercy For Animals

8033 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 864, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90046 - View Map


Dedicated to preventing cruelty to farm animals

Mercy For Animals is a national non-profit animal protection organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. MFA is a voice for animals through humane education, proactive advertising campaigns, undercover investigations, and grassroots activism.

Phone: 866-632-6446


An environmental equity organization


National Community-Based Immigrant Rights Movement


Dedicated to the cause of justice & peace through education


Promote organics & consumer choice, mandatory labeling GMO foods


We send American volunteers overseas on two-year assignments.


The world's largest animal rights organization


Volunteer trips to bring solar power to developing countries

Building Conscious Community


Preserve, Protect & Promote the last orange orchard in Santa Ana


Info on the Masters of Wisdom and Maitreya, the World Teacher


Educating on the importance of sleep to live healthy


Hand made crafts supporting snow leopard conservation


Fighting to preserve 14 acres of open green space in central LA


Environmental education programs for residents,students,business


We locate & support optimal solutions for a healthy planet


Helping nature heal our cities


Coalition of veterans & national security orgs.


Wise traditions in food, farming & healing arts