Green Festival Exhibitors


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Green Artist International

Green Artists International is a collective of artists, a “Famila Verde,” workingwith recycled materials by the Zero Waste principles, across the border. We stage an Eco-Gallery exhibit sharing various aspects of art projects using natural vegetables, fruits, plants, herbs, roots and earth (soils) from various regions around the world. The word "natural" can be used in various ways. Green Artists International endeavors to enhance and beautify the natural treasures that Mother Earth has gifted to us by transforming recycled materials into a piece of fine art. We also encourage all aspects of a "natural" lifestyle including Eco-friendly construction and holistic medicine, rejecting the use of chemicals and toxins and protecting both our natural and human resources for the future. Perhaps in the years to come we will all eventually emerge into developing our own means to a natural lifestyle, to bring awareness to others as mentors to save the earth, her oceans, and her rivers from being destroyed by the greater population. Green Artists International can bring an awareness to the community, particularly the business community, of achieving environmental and ecological efficiency and economic prosperity, through advocacy, education, multi-generational programs (with the elders), by implementing urban gardens and Eco-friendly workshops and by sharing recycle arts and cross-cultural studies with a Zero Waste ambiance


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