Green Festival Exhibitors

Community Action

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

Recycling Ghana's plastic into products that empower women

Vegan/animal rights education & outreach. Free recipes & stickers

Support orphans,feeding in famine areas,give drip irrigation kit

Inspiring Solutions to Plastic Pollution Via Scientific Education

Sign Petition for CA Disclose Act to Stop Secret Money Super PACS

Exposing the impact of factory farming on the planet & animals

Empower consumers to increase the supply of Fair Trade Products

Towards a swimmable, fishable, boatable, bikeable LA River

Humanitarian non-profit focusing on education, health & hunger

Pushing companies to remove GMOs from their products!

Providing Environmentally Conscious Businesses a Place to Connect

Reclaiming media by offering sustainable every day solutions

GREEN WISH: Non-profit that funds local green organizations

Lean how you can help end seal massacres around the world

Sustainbility/social/enviro/financial education/networking events

Liberty Hill

Liberty Hill is first to identify community leaders at the frontlines of change. We invest in change makers and equip them with the skills and relationships they need to build power and advance social justice. After more than 30 years, Liberty Hill is uniquely positioned to bring together forces for change and forge a common agenda for equality and opportunity in Los Angeles. Liberty Hill:Change. Not charity.

Demonstrating higher quality living patterns at a lower impact

Dedicated to preventing cruelty to farm animals

Deconstructing Corporate Rule Via a Constitutional Amendment

Join us to start your humanitarian career!

Transmedia art that represents and redefines Black male identity

Ocean conservation nonprofit protecting ocean wildlife worldwide!

Varieties of food crops are in danger! We work to save them!

A coalition of individuals & groups working on climate solutions

Non profit org servicing marginal communities & their health need

We bring people together to make LA more sustainable

Sophisticated wild crafted products - net profits to charity!

Reducing child mortality by providing vitamins to kids in need

Education, research & activism to return real food to our plates