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Non Toxic Paint Supply

117C Harrison Avenue, Roseland, NJ, USA, 07068 - View Map


100% Safe/High Quality/Odorless/Any Color/Order Online/We Deliver!

Non Toxic Paint Supply was started by Mythic Paint Buy Onlineconcerned folks who saw a need for safer, higher quality, virtually odorless and affordable paint products for the institutional market, specifically for schools and hospitals. You can breathe easy knowing that our first goal is to offer the safest products we can find in the marketplace for use in schools, hospitals and health conscious facilities and that is why we offer Mythic Non-Toxic Paints! If asthma and allergy triggers, chemical and solvent odors and lost-time absentee incidents are a problem for your facility, rest assured, we are experienced like no other company and we have the answers you are looking for.

Phone: 973 886 4722


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