Green Festival Exhibitors

Gluten Free Foods

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

Dehydrated, gluten-free and vegan kale and veggie krunch snacks

Plant based nutrition and endurance food bars - vegan/raw

Tortilla chips made from beans & rice - Non GMO/gluten free/vegan

Delicious, organic pizzas with gluten free options!

All the crunch of a candy-bar without the calories

Vegan/raw/gluten free/Non-GMO Vanilla & choco macaroons

Organic, gluten-free, bean & rice pastas, soups & noodles

Ginger, chile, lemon, mint drink - delicious hot or cold

Come sample delicious kefir smoothies and frozen kefir

Vegan, Non GMO, no MSG frozen products & local retail location

Artisanal makers of grassfed ghee. Featured in NY Times & NY Post

Organic + Vegan + Raw Food Bars!

SuperEats: nutritious, crispy & dippable chips made of kale/chia

Consumer direct marketing of organic/natural foods

Sprouted snacks bursting with flavor from unprocessed ingredients

Organic,Raw,Vegan Non-GMO Gourmet Snack Manufacturer