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Green Festival Exhibitors

San Francisco 2014

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Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.


Rechargeable glowpoi & toys - dance, play, illuminated lifestyle


Vegenaise, Vegan Gourmet Dairy Alts & Natural Salad Dressings


Protecting essential resources for people now and in the future.


Eco Friendly Fundraising, raise funds online all year long


Engaging community in SF to turn sidewalk into trees and gardens

Relieve tension, sore muscles & lactic acid build-up. Free Demos


Nourishing the body from the inside-out with pure superfoods!


Certified gluten free/organic/Non GMO & kosher dairy free cookies


Cloth pads and menstrual cups: eco-comfortable period protection


Dressings/sauces, based on hemp oil, avocado oil & vinegars.


100% Jute Bags - An Easy, Natural Switch from Plastic to Plant Fiber


Fast, Easy, Portable, High Efficiency Solar Ovens


Electric bikes & mopeds for emission-free transportation.


US Made from upcycled materials-Backpacks bike bags & accessories

Green Key Real Estate

2625 Alcatraz Ave., Ste. 205, Berkeley, CA, USA, 94705 - View Map


Healthy Homes. Greener Living. Smart Investments.

Join us on the emerging edge of real estate. Green Key Real Estate is a full service residential and commercial real estate company with a green conscience. We work with lenders like our Green Festival Partner CalGreen Lending to support buyers and sellers to make the best choices that benefit their finances, their lifestyle, and the environment. We assist homeowners in all ownership stages to create a home that has ecological, economic and social value within the context of the greater human and natural community. We believe that the home is at the crux of many sustainable lifestyle variables, and we believe real estate has a positive role to play in the environmental restoration movement. Talk to one of our experienced agents to help you sell your green property or buy a home and make it as green as you desire.


The Original Green Superfood Company For Healthier, Happier Lives


Diverting your laundry water to benefit your landscape


100% organic cotton “book” made of handkerchief “pages”


Hawaiian Moon organic aloe skin cream- Say goodbye to dry skin!


Vibration Therapy - Where Health is Beauty


Super fruits for a super you - begin a healthier life today!


"Come and see" handcrafted organic shopping bags from Africa


"Come and See" handcrafted organic shopping bags from Africa.



Hemp CBD Products To Change The World

HempMeds™ offers mainstream marketing, sales, customer service, and logistics for businesses in the cannabis industry. HempMeds™ is the largest distributor of cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oil products in all 50 states and more than 40 countries. For more information on award-winning CBD-rich hemp oil products, visit www.hempmeds.com


Hemp and Organic Cotton Eco-Friendly Apparel.


Serving delicious sandwiches/salads/herbal tonics/nicecream/more!


We take real people to amazing places! Group & custom since 1988.


Handmade, organic, non-toxic body products


Help all, especially the young, gain greater understanding of wor


Our solar powered products put the power of the sun in your hand.


Therapeutic products for pain, stress, relaxation or inflammation


Handcrafted Tote Bags and Baskets Made from Sustainable Materials

Delicious vegetarian & gluten-free food fresh from farm to table


Visit us for relaxation, rejuvenation and increased energy.


Salvaging and Re-Purposing 1 Million Waste Tires into Footwear

Local artisan pickles/apple cider vinegar/all natural/vegan/GF

Juice Beauty

709 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael, CA, USA, 94901 - View Map


The organic solutions company, authentically organic beauty

Juice Beauty… Clinically Validated yet authentically organic beauty solutions. Formulated with an antioxidant and vitamin-rich organic juice base rather than water (which dilutes) or petroleum derivatives (which suffocate the skin and are often laced with harmful chemicals) and combining it with powerful, organic age defying and blemish clearing ingredients. Juice Beauty offers award winning (InStyle, ELLE, Allure, EWG awards) antioxidant-rich and clinically proven skincare, makeup and hair care products that meet the most stringent organic regulations in North America supported by solid eco-values that include purchasing locally from West Coast certified organic farmers and manufacturing strictly in the U.S.A. with solar power, utilizing recycled containers and printing with soy ink. - USDA Certified Organic - COPA Certified - Gluten-Free - Cruelty-Free

Phone: 415.457.4600


Singing bowls, Clothing, Jewelry


Discover how Kangen Water can help you live a greener life!


Glass hand-tied reusable mason jars mugs/stainless straws/lids


American made cookware manufactured in an eco-friendly facility


Toxic-Free & Eco-Friendly EVA and TPE Foam Products For Your Daily L...


Superfood moringa sustainably harvested from women in West Africa

La Vie - Wellness in a Bottle

2901 Research Park Drive, Suite B, Soquel, CA, US, 95073 - View Map


LA Vie - Wellness in a bottle probiotic tonics

La Vie offers the first multi-day probiotic juice cleanse with the power to transform your health by supporting healthy digestion and weight loss. We also offer refreshing tonics, delicious nut milks, and the freshest young Thai coconut water you can buy. Try our popular 3-day cleanse -- you'll taste the freshness and feel the difference probiotics can make in only 3 days.

Phone: 831-316-0875


A Chiropractic center offering natural relief for injuries & pain


All natural & nontoxic art supplies for your little matisse.


Inspiring tea moments with stylish & convenient Libre Tea glasses

Life Foods

1386 Pacific Ave., San Francisco, CA, USA, 94109 - View Map


Superfoods for your daily meals! Organic, vegan & allergen-free!

Life Foods makes delicious, nutrient-dense foods using old-world techniques for modern meals. Our Superfood Veggie Burgers, mung bean tempeh, vegetable ferments, condiments & dressings use as much local-grown goodness as possible in a unique farm-to-shelf approach. Life Foods is gluten-free, soy-free, organic and vegan!

Phone: (808) 419-7599


Eco friendly water filtration for commercial and residential


Biontology is a noninvasive way of healing which uses biophotons

Lily of Valley Isle


Seaside to city women's indie ecofashion

Created for savvy, chic women who won’t compromise their values for their wardrobes, Lily of Valley Isle offers a fresh mix of unique prints in adaptable styles. We combine heritage textile techniques with organic fabrics, low-impact dyes, and fair trade practices for a look that goes island-to-urban with conscious flair.

Live for Tomorrow

344 - 255 Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC, Canada, V3H 5H1 - View Map


Live for Tomorrow is a young, bold brand of eco-friendly household cleaners that uses a unique combination of scent, ingredients, and reusable packaging that conveys an image of sophisticated sustainability. Family? Health? Environment? Your legacy for Future Generations? We share your concerns. The Live for Tomorrow range of products help to address some of these concerns. You can make a difference. EcoLogo compliant - Vegan Approved - Leaping Bunny Approved Plant and Mineral based - Biodegradable - Septic Safe LESS PACKAGING - LOWER EMISSIONS - SAVING WATER

Phone: 1-604-629-5869


Raw, sprouted, gluten free!


We manufacture raw, organic nut butters, vegan chocolates & oils


Herbal Tonics for the Health-Conscious!


A sustainable rice company offering exotic heirloom rices.



The world’s first and only hybrid amplifier. Music 24/7.

Loudbasstard launched in October 2012 with their flagship product -- a personal sound amplifier made entirely of bamboo and rattan. Since then, they have continued to export not just Filipino craftsmanship but rather the culture each unique piece represents around the globe. Which has helped them in their mission to help improve the lives of their local communities through social empowerment and jump starting dormant music education programs in public schools around the country. Simplicity is the purest form of sophistication and while merging industrial design, modern technology and sustainability. Loudbasstard has been able to further share in their love for music. Now through Green Festival, they are happy to share with you their brand new patent-pending product: the Loudbasstard Hybrid.


Portable ergonomic back support systems - fair trade made

Lucky Foods all natural GMO free and gluten free spring rolls

Luminalt Energy Corporation - Solar Energy Solutions

1320 Potrero Avenue, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94110 - View Map


Locally owned and located in San Francisco, Luminalt designs, installs and repairs solar electric systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2004, Luminalt’s focused and sustained commitment to the highest standard of quality and customer-satisfaction has made us a well trusted, leading installer in the Bay Area.

Phone: 4156414000


Gluten-free, organic & vegan food reconnecting people & planet


Products from Hemp Seed, without herbicides or pesticides


We make certified organic yogurt from 100% grass-fed cows.


Wild Elephants of the World Need Your Help!


Come check our booth for fresh & healthy miso soup!


Earth-minded products for your urban lifestyle


Stress Reduction/Chakra Reads/Sound Tables/Nutrition Guidance

Stress Reduction/Chakra Reads/Sound Tables/Nutrition Guidance


The Premier calorie free, soy free, gluten free Shirataki noodle!


Natural fiber & fashion forward designs for the modern woman


Conservation Committee for the Aquarium Providing Educational Inf


Unique local wood crafts, clothing, accessories and gifts

MyCO2 - Sustainable Mushroom Kits

1628 TULLY RD, MODESTO, CA, 95350 - View Map


Sustainable mushroom grow kits that make CO2 for house plants

MyCO2 is a unique company focused on making home mushroom gardening as common as growing plants. We created our patent pending customer activation technology to make available the most sustainable mushroom kits the world has ever seen! Our vision is educate the masses about the amazing world of mushrooms by simply making available our user activated mushroom kits that make CO2 for plants. This important part of mushroom cultivation usually occurs behind the scenes at a mushroom farm. Now you can unleash the power of mushroom sustainability in your garden before growing farm-to-fork mushrooms on your kitchen counter. We are committed to sustainability and have worked tirelessly to incorporate this commitment onto our products. MyCO2 kits are created at a C.C.O.F certified organic mushroom farm in California, keeping it organic and local. Our substrate consists of recycled hardwood shavings and dust collected from mills that build cabinets and doors. We invented “customer activation” to provide a stable shelf life, and to prevent the fungi from generating CO2 until inside the garden of the end user where the plants go to work converting it into Oxygen, Sugars, and Foliage. The MyCO2 safety hanger box is recyclable and made of card board sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiatives which can trace every piece back to the seed. The cardboard boxes are processed at American River Packaging which recycles its waist cardboard in a high tech composter that creates gas which is used to power generators and offset the companies energy use. When a MYCO2 finishes helping plants do their thing, they grow mushrooms! mushroomgrowkits.com sunlightsupply.com

Phone: 1-209-550-1041


Visit The New York Times booth for 50% off subscriptions.


Natural Pet Products - Pets love them! Good for the earth!


Compact, fun and practical cargo kick-scooters for hauling.


Style meets sustainable- Green fibers are the way of the future.


The only true wild oregano oil available, founded in 1999

Northern California Community Loan Fund

870 Market Street, Suite 677, San Francisco, CA, 94102 - View Map


Community investments that strengthen Northern California

The Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF) promotes economic justice and alleviates poverty by increasing the financial resilience and sustainability of community-based nonprofits and enterprises. Through flexible financial products and sound advice, we create opportunities to make socially responsible investments that revitalize Northern California communities.

Phone: 415.392.8215


NCRA is an association of recycling businesses & community groups


Natural products- fair-trade, cruelty free & made w/shea butter


Providing the highest quality organic superfoods since 1999.


A gourmet, organic 7 nut and seed butter


Certified organic skin care and green business opportunity


SF based company committed to providing organic babywear


Made from seaweed, a chip that is craveable and good for you too!


San Francisco Bay sailing school and sailing club