Green Festival Exhibitors

Creative Arts & Indigenous Goods

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Eco chic Brazilian Jewelry made of natural fibers from Brazil.


Organic cotton factory


Jewelry made in LA using recycled metals and stones


Handcrafted Tote Bags and Baskets Made from Sustainable Materials


Singing bowls, Clothing, Jewelry



The world’s first and only hybrid amplifier. Music 24/7.

Loudbasstard launched in October 2012 with their flagship product -- a personal sound amplifier made entirely of bamboo and rattan. Since then, they have continued to export not just Filipino craftsmanship but rather the culture each unique piece represents around the globe. Which has helped them in their mission to help improve the lives of their local communities through social empowerment and jump starting dormant music education programs in public schools around the country. Simplicity is the purest form of sophistication and while merging industrial design, modern technology and sustainability. Loudbasstard has been able to further share in their love for music. Now through Green Festival, they are happy to share with you their brand new patent-pending product: the Loudbasstard Hybrid.


Natural fiber & fashion forward designs for the modern woman



Handmade. Organic. Hip. Stylish. Green lifestyle. Better future.

Qamay (pronounced as “Ka-mai”) comes from a Filipino word “Kamay”, meaning hand. We at Qamay totally support products that are handmade from eco-friendly materials. This helps promote a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly, stylish and hip. All our products are lovingly created by Filipinos who are very creative and skilled craftsmen. By partnering with them, we help sustain their livelihood towards a better future.

The Green Seahorse


We celebrate and empower the Fair-trade artisan marketplace.

We celebrate and empower the sustainable practices of the Fair-trade artisan marketplace. Consumers can help protect the environment too; by stocking your home with eco-friendly goods. Most people don't realize that you can decorate your home beautifully using materials that are made with the environment in mind. Of course if you need help finding neat new ideas for how to live healthy and promote environmental awareness there are books that we stock that can guide you. We make it easy for you to take your green spirit out into the world with you when you leave the house. Our marvelous jewelry line complements all of your favorite outfits. Each elegant piece is made in the best way possible for the world around us. We also have purses and wallets as well as a variety of other home decor items and great eco-gift ideas for friends and family!

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