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Green Key Real Estate

2625 Alcatraz Ave., Ste. 205, Berkeley, CA, USA, 94705 - View Map


Healthy Homes. Greener Living. Smart Investments.

Join us on the emerging edge of real estate. Green Key Real Estate is a full service residential and commercial real estate company with a green conscience. We work with lenders like our Green Festival Partner CalGreen Lending to support buyers and sellers to make the best choices that benefit their finances, their lifestyle, and the environment. We assist homeowners in all ownership stages to create a home that has ecological, economic and social value within the context of the greater human and natural community. We believe that the home is at the crux of many sustainable lifestyle variables, and we believe real estate has a positive role to play in the environmental restoration movement. Talk to one of our experienced agents to help you sell your green property or buy a home and make it as green as you desire.


A self-contained solar-powered green community