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Sustainable Home & Garden

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2348 Innovation Drive, Lexington, Kentucky, United States, 40511 - View Map

Massive fans, lights & a relentless focus on comfort & efficiency.

Phone: 8592331271

Hydroponic gardening unit in Terra Cotta Color,4' tall x 2½ wide.

Inspiring tea moments with stylish & convenient Libre Tea glasses

Eco friendly water filtration for commercial and residential

Sustainable,compostable cups,cutlery,plates & bowls from plants

Reusable,modern holiday trees made of forest-friendly hardwood.

Crystalline glazed porcelain. All profits go to scholarships.

MyTerraceFarmer a modular smart solar greenhouse for small spaces

Patented vertical aeroponic/food growing system - 520.661.0406

VitaJuwel USA, Inc

5106 Holborn Way, San Ramon, CA, USA, 94582 - View Map

Experience water like never before with handmade gemstone vials!

Water is the most precious resource on our planet. About 60% percent of the human body is water. Whether you already follow the ancient tradition to enhance your water’s qualities with the power of gems, or if you’d like to enhance your home’s decor with a stylish accessory or if you are looking for a gift for a special friend, VitaJuwel will make you a enjoy and experience water in a way you never did before! Our mission to establish gemwater as an essential part of everybody’s daily life began seven years ago in Germany. In those past years we provided tens of thousands of households all over the world with our products. Our gem wands are handmade by master glassblowers in a patented, artisanal method. We use exclusively fairly-traded gems and lead-free Bohemian glass. Half a year ago we opened a branch in sunny California and are excited to introduce gemwater to the US! Want to learn more? Send us an email at!

Phone: 925-291-7490