Green Festival Exhibitors

Community Action

Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.

Vegan/animal rights education & outreach. Free recipes & stickers

The City of Seattle and The Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment has been hard at work coordinating and developing policies and initiatives to protect Seattle's environment for over">10 years now.

Working locally for justice in the global economy

Mom's United to take action on Climate Change

Non-profit environmental law organization

Ensuring safer products for people and the planet

GJN connects green job seekers to jobs and career resources.

Creating a humane world through humane education

King County

Let King County experts show you just how easy it really is to live a green and healthy lifestyle! Join us for hands-on demonstrations and learn how easy it is to: recycle, green up your ride, volunteer, eat local, and make your home and garden more earth friendly. Don't forget to look for special discounts and incentives to help you make good green choices.

Phone: 206.296.1980

Driving profit & sustainability to businesses/professionals

Promoting the benefits of Biodiesel

Promote organics & consumer choice, mandatory labeling GMO foods

"Implementing sustainable orphanages in refugee affected areas"

O4S connects the LGBTQ community with sustainability

Pangreen - Ridesharing Everywhere

Saving Puget Sound through Advocacy and Education

The voice of plug-in vehicle consumers

Protects and Preserves Puget Sound

Local independent businesses building a sustainable local economy

Protecting Wildlife Through Conservation Travel

Sierra Club - Beyond Coal Campaign

180 Nickerson St. Ste 202, Seattle, WA, USA, 98109 - View Map

Join our Beyond Coal campaign

As America's largest and oldest grassroots environmental organization the Sierra Club has an amazing tradition of success in protecting the earth's ecosystems. The Cascade Chapter, representing most of Washington state, has just launched its ambitious "Beyond Coal" campaign to fight global warming on the local level. We're leading the way. Come join us!

Phone: 206 378 0114

Educating on environmental/conservation issues

Your Northwest Renewables Utility

Hand made crafts supporting snow leopard conservation

Nation's largest animal protection organization.

Professional association for naturopathic physicians

Plant together, grow together!

Non-profit group working to increase sustainability