Green Festival Exhibitors


the DESIGNER COMB D/C tma completely handcrafted in SOUTH AFRICA twin hair comb.The wire teeth of this comb are one continuous wire bend by the skilful hands of Zimbabwean refugees, the weaving of the incredibly beautiful and exclusive beadcombinations is done by ZULU women who are victims of the AIDS epidemic in this country. Many of our artists are physically and mentally challenged.White Africaaner women have also become great crafters of our D/C. These women have often been unemployed for years, and are usually single mothers.the DESIGNER COMB has given all artists involved HOPE and created a far above min wage steady income. All of our artists are VERY PROUD OF THEIR CREATIONS especially knowing it is brought to the USA, and they are making very sure the DESIGNER COMB is carefully and professionally crafted and made to last.WE ARE ALL PROUD TO OFFER 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON EVERY ONE OF OUR EXCLUSIVE DESIGNER COMBS!However, as proven, the comb lasts far beyond this one year!!!