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The Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology provides students an enhanced MBA curriculum that prepares them for managing in the Next Economy. While courses are still offered for the past manufacturing economy and the current service economy, emphasis is placed on the next economy being driven by globalization, demographics, technology and the environment. The program focuses in strategic competitiveness, which is best exemplified by the concepts of innovation, creativity, sustainability, leadership, and entrepreneurship.For the past 12 years, Stuart has been offering an MS in Environmental Management that focuses on issues from pollution prevention to sustainability. Five courses from this program deal predominantly on energy and sustainability, and the concepts from these courses are now integrated in many of the courses offered to the MBA students. These include courses like Business Strategy: The Sustainable Enterprise, Contemporary Issues and Global Sustainability, and Energy Environment and Economics. Stuart also offers joint degrees with IITs Kent College of Law where a student can earn both an MBA and a JD, or a joint MBA/MS degree. Courses on sustainability are also available to students in IITs Institute of Design, College of Architecture and College of Engineering.Stuart has formed partnership with several international schools among which is Tec de Monterrey, probably Mexicos top university. Through a major grant from U.S.AID, students and alumni from the partner school attend classes at Stuart and receive degrees from both institutions. Stuart also offers short courses in Mexico for those unable to travel to Chicago, thus expanding its influence on sustainability.Stuarts Center of Sustainable Enterprise (CSE), founded in late 2000, has a mission to realign stakeholders in business and community with endeavors that manage all forms of their capital Natural, Human, Physical and Financial resulting in consistent beneficial return on investment. The center is engaged in the research of a unique prototype wind turbine in Chicago, and the only one of its kind in the world. Research also includes projects for SMEs to reduce their carbon footprint, Life-Cycle-Analyses for a companys new product, developing the next generation product for carbon emission reduction, and a remote lighting system operating totally off the grid.The school is also involved extensively with the Chicago business community. It cooperates on projects with the Citys Department of Environment, the Chicago Manufacturing Center, and the Center for Green Technology. It also hosts the monthly meeting of the Chicago Sustainable Business Alliance of which it is a founding member.Although IIT-Stuart is in a very competitive market of about 28 MBA programs in the Chicago area including two of the top schools in the world, its MBA offerings are unique to those students interested in preparing for the Next Economy.