Green Festival Exhibitors

D'Nard Pure Foods, Inc.

6119 Jerry's Drive, Columbia, MD, USA, 21044 - View Map

We make Health and Wellness-based prepared foods for grocery stores, businesses, and schools. Our ingredients are Organic, Local, and Factory-Farm Free. All of our chicken, turkey, and eggs are Grass-Pastured, instead of grain-fed. Our crab cakes are from local sustainably harvested Backfin Crabs. Our salmon is wild caught in Alaska by a local fisherman. We use Raw Dairy, Hand-crafted cheeses and Stone Ground whole wheat flour. We use only Raw Demerara sugar, never refined white or brown sugar. Our products are sold in compostable packaging. It is our mission to make healthy, wellness-based Grab-N-Go foods a widely available alternative to the factory-farmed, unsustainable options on the market today so that people always have the choice to eat healthy. We offer a line of Gluten-Free products.