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Eagle Shield Inc.

6250 village pkwy Ste. 250, Dublin, California, USA, 94568 - View Map


Eagle Shield is a home improvement company that specializes in providing homeowners with Space Age Technology developed in Space by NASA to protect astronauts and space craft from the extreme effects of heat and cold in space. NASA designed High Performance Reflective Insulation that is wrapped around every space craft and astronaut uniform that goes into space. This protects the space craft and astronaut from temperature extremes of -460 dgrees below zero to 250 degrees above zero which translates to a 710 degree temperature extreme that astronauts and crafts have to go through. This product allowed the astronaut to be a comfortable 76 degrees even though 710 degrees is going on outside the craft and in deep space! This technology when applied into a home or business operates the same way! It reflects the unwanted summer heat away making you cooler in the summer and reflects the wanted heat back into the house in the winter making you warmer. This translate into a heating and cooling savings of up to 44 %!!!!