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Eco Fashions is a fair trade business based in San Francisco, California. Our line of uniquely crafted Eco handbags are stylish, fun and the perfect compliment to any woman's wardrobe.Designers in San Francisco work with a rehabilitation center in Mexico City, where young adults ages 18-28 hand make this line of beautiful accessories using recycled candy wrappers, newspapers and magazines. It takes a full day to make a small purse and up to five days to make a larger purse.The individuals involved in producing the Eco collection earn five times more per week than if they chose from the other employment options open to them. Earning a fair wage allows them to pass part of their income to their families and the growth of Eco Fashions has provided employment for senior citizens, single mothers and the formerly unemployed.When you make a purchase, you're not only making a stylish statement, you're helping the environment and improving the lives of everyone involved in producing these beautiful handcrafted accessories.