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eco+waza (Ecotwaza Co., Ltd.)is; A Bridge between Japanese eco-friendly technology and the World We are a bridge stretching from the Japanese archipelago towards the rest of the world, on which traverse a caravan of unique environmental friendly goods. Our mission is to create a sustainable network of local businesses throughout the world and lower the ecological footprint of the global society.eco+waza is, to the eyes of the globe, an electron microscope that magnifies and put into focus the massive hidden potential of the Japanese business seeds."eco+waza Web" (http://www.eco-friendly-japan.com/) is an E-commerce site where visitors can see and purchase what those Japanese small yet green companies and local factories offer. At the same time, 'eco+waza Web' serves as a business matching directory; if you are wholesale distributors, retailers, shop-owners and others involved in green manufacturing, you can check company information and contact them for possible business and/or technological collaborations, importing and any other inquiries. What does 'Ecotwaza' mean? 'Eco' is the abbreviation for 'ecology' and 'waza' is Japanese for 'technology' or 'craftsmanship.' The 't', which can also be viewed as '+' literally means 'and' in Japanese. Hence, as its namesake suggests, founded in 2006, Ecotwaza aims to lower the ecological footprint of the global society by communicating ecological mind and technology/crafts to the world. Why Japan? Why small business? Traditional Japanese philosophy and culture is based on the awareness that human is merely a part of Mother Nature, forming a unique set of sustainable customs and lifestyle. On the contrary, the country has had its painful yet memorable lesson of environment pollution as a result of rapid economic growth in the 1960s. Through its tradition and having learnt from its mistakes, Japan possesses, in its small business sectors, the seeds of state-of-the-art environmental technology. However, since they are relatively small and not equipped with English proficiency, they remain invisible to and untapped by the world.