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Flowtoys produces high-performance illuminated instruments that take you to the state of optimal experience known as "flow".

Find your flow with durable, rechargeable glow poi, staves, levitation wands or other inspiring props for dance, martial arts, flow arts, performance and fun. Illuminate your world with beautiful rechargeable ambient lights - great for camping, finding your friends and family, and relaxing moments.

Flowtoys designs, production practices and operations are guided by a set of principles that underscore our commitment to the world we love. We envision a world illuminated by people, purpose and products that make life happier, healthier and more beautiful in this dynamic dance called life.

Our mission is to provide quality, inspiring, and illuminated equipment and services to enable and inspire the growth of the flow arts and the positive and often life-changing effects they have on the world. Excellent customer service and our “forever flow” lifetime warranty ensure any investment in flowtoys is a lasting one.

Read more about us, our take-back program and other efforts to help make the world a more awesome place.