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Green and Save

GREENandSAVE has a 20 year legacy in the 'Green' energy saving market. The whole organization is dedicated to helping Americans grow stronger, maintain our coveted high standard of living, and serve as better stewards of the environment. The company drives initiatives that range from saving money for home and business owners to re-training individuals for new careers in the green economy. The three classic Rs of going green (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) are now lifted to a new level by adding Rethink and Retrain. This five point GREENandSAVE Strategy is at the heart of the business. The company's website, GREENandSAVE.com, is one of America's leading free 'Green' home remodeling resources for anyone who wants to save money and the environment, as well as create a healthier home and overall lifestyle. The company is the first to offer comprehensive Return on Investment (ROI) rankings and Take Action recommendations on multiple ways to 'Go Green'. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) uses the GREENandSAVE data for their education curriculum, and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) also links in to GREENandSAVE.com to educate their members. Mainstream and online media embrace GREENandSAVE as an industry leader. Publications ranging from the well established Washington Post to online insiders like the Huffington Post, have cited the top three resources on energy savings as: The Department of Energy, ENERGY STAR, and GREENandSAVE. In addition to the free online resources, GREENandSAVE provides next level services with an integrated approach to elevate consumers, businesses and institutions. For Consumers: GREENandSAVE provides Home Efficiency Consulting to individuals who want to save money on their utility bills. For individuals who want to embrace new careers in the exploding green marketplace, the GREENandSAVE Eco Academy provides professional training opportunities. The consumer services are supported by a network backbone of over five thousand home remodeling service providers across the country and by the products available through the GREENandSAVE online store.For Businesses: GREENandSAVE educates real estate agents via 'green guides' and promotes them to like-minded buyers and sellers via the company's state-by-state directory. In addition to the Realtor Resources, the company's Inspector Network promotes qualified Property Inspectors and Energy Auditors.For Institutions: The GREENandSAVE Eco Education curriculum for Grade School, Middle School, and High School students focuses on teaching science and math through 'Green' in-class and take home projects. Beyond the support for The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA), GREENandSAVE works with regional and local organizations. At the township and association level, the 2009 release of the Master GREEN Office Return on Investment (ROI) rankings has been developed specifically to support local Chambers of Commerce across the U.S.