Green Festival Exhibitors

Green bike Effect-Electric Folding Bikes


Green Bike Effect (GBE) E-bikes are the most viable, sustainable, FUN, and GREEN mean of transportation. BIKING MADE EASY! Enjoy Green lifestyle without the compromise of everyday fun while saving you tons of green ($). Experience it TODAY! Ride to sales meetings without breaking a sweat. Cruise down the beach without exhausting yourself. Replace cars with E-bikes on campuses and crowded metro. Take your child for a morning ride with extra boost up the hill and at start-up. New E-Tricycle provides stability and storage capacity. E-bikes are economical and more reliable than ever. We promote a sustainable, healthy lifestyle by getting more people (back) into riding. GBE E-bikes enhance the joy and convenience of biking. It's versatile, stylish, fast, and street legal! GBE electric folding bikes are the ultimate E-bikes.