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Green Space Today (www.GreenSpaceToday.com) is the premier online destination that connects people, companies, institutions, and cities that value green building and sustainable practices. Green Space Today is different than other sites because it offers comprehensive resources, information, and a green community all under the same umbrella for buyers and sellers of green services, products, and spaces. No matter what your green focus is, Green Space Today is for you! -Learn how and why mayors such as Mayor Gavin Newsom (San Francisco); Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (New York City); and Richard M. Daley (Chicago) are transforming American cities.-Discover public and private organizations in your community that can help you go green, save green and make green through employment opportunities. -Find out about green companies such as Jones Lang LaSalle and Skanska and the pioneers of the green movement such as David Gottfried, Founder, U.S. Green Building Council.