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The 2010 Green Zebra guide make it easy and fun to explore the best of sustainable living in San Francisco.Each edition contains over 300 exclusive offers from, eco-friendly retailers, organic restaurants and markets, Yoga and Pilates studios, independent bookstores, bike shops, museums and more, so there's something for everyone to discover. The guides contain thousands of dollars in savings, and many Green Zebra passes allow you to recoup more than the guide's $25 purchase price in a single visit!Green Zebra also answers many of your questions about living green. You'll find lots of practical advice in this handy compact guide. Check out Green Zebra's action steps to find simple things you and your family can start doing today for a greener tomorrow.Best of all, Green Zebra is good for the community. Sales of each guide benefit a local charity that works with children and the environment, and the passes encourage you to support neighborhood businesses. Dozens of neighborhood schools and nonprofits are using Green Zebra as a healthy and lucrative alternative to traditional fundraising products. The guide also makes an excellent corporate gift for employees and customers. We are a certified green business that prints our passes on 100% post consumer waste recycled paper. Discover how easy it is to "change your stripes" with Green Zebra! Visit us online to find out how to purchase the guide, and register to receive special offers.