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GreenDwellingSeattle is an organization that hopes to accomplish many goals through it's existence. We are a neighborhood and community advocate, a resource for people and businesses that seek a stronger connection to the greater green community, and are particularly committed to making positive change within the green building industry. Worldwide buildings account for more than 40% of materials and energy use. Through education and creative marketing we hope to increase demand for more affordable, sustainable homes that promote health and vitality for their occupants and the communities in which they exist. Our passion for community and the environment has it's roots in home building and design. Together with our knowledge and experience in green building and our connection to the greater green community we like to think we share a similar mindset to the people we provide our services to.We offer full service real estate marketing and representation services, conduct regular educational home tours, and maintain a website and blog that keep the conversation surrounding sustainability, efficiency, and healthy homes fresh and relevant.