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Grounds for Change: Fair Trade Organic Coffee

15773 George Lane NE, Suite 204, Poulsbo, WA, USA, 98370 - View Map


Attention to the triple bottom line - the social, environmental and financial implications of conducting business - lies at the foundation of Grounds for Change. Out of this grows quality, commitment and a passion for our trade. The end result is a truly exceptional cup of coffee.Every single bean that we roast is Fair Trade Certified, Organic Certified and Shade Grown. This means the chance for a real livelihood for coffee growers, a breath of fresh air for the environment and healthy forests for migratory songbirds.We invite you to find out more about what were doing at our roastery, including off-setting 100% of our CO2 emissions, supporting fair labor practices at home and abroad, working closely with local and national environmental organizations and participating in the 1% For The Planet program.Positive change. Grounds for Change.