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Gustavo's Salsas

473 Madison st. 3, Brooklyn, New York, United States, 11221 - View Map

Gustavo's Salsa was formed by Gustavo Frias in Brooklyn in 2013. Growing up in Los Angeles and with a first generation Mexican family, Gustavo first gained inspiration by his mother Bernardina cooking up delicious and flawless Mexican cuisine. After arriving in NYC, Gustavo realized the void of such cuisine and flavors in the new environment of NYC.

After several years of trial and error, he finally hit his stride with the perfect balance of smokey heat, consistency and fruity notes that make what the salsa is today.

Before Gustavo even thought of sharing his salsa with the masses, he took it on the road and overseas to Spain and the Basque Region. Here is where he fell in love with how it complimented all sorts of seafood. Oysters would be the biggest and most pleasant surprise.

Now going back to basics, Gustavo's Chipotle Salsa is delicious with a simple, beautiful avocado. Eggs many ways. Breakfast, brunch and dinner. A spoonful in your favorite pasta sauce recipe or a special jar you like from the grocery store, a spoonful in your favorite soup stock or with your favorite chips and lots more to discover.

On top of all that. This salsa is %100 vegan. Gluten free. All natural ingredients. No preservatives or additives.