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Habanera Farm

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Habanera Farm, LLC offers herbal medicine consultations, health, wellness and spiritual coaching, grief recovery outreach programs and a course curriculum for a variety of classes.  Subjects of the classes relate to health awareness, health management, cooking, nature, nurturing relationships and partnerships, developing healing practices and awareness, and herb growing.

Habanera Farm is the first licensed herbal tea processor and producer in Maryland, growing superior quality herbs to create tasty teas for customers looking for health and enjoyment. 

Herbal teas are created by combining high quality farm grown herbs with or without the addition of imported organic fair trade teas or herbs from other regions. All teas are extensively tested on taste and consistency.  We have been growing and blending since 2007 and added the nations first solar thermal herb dryer in 2011 to produce our teas in an energy efficient and responsible way.

Habanera Farm, LLC is dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming space - either here or at your location - to join us for classes, workshops, retreats and consultations, explore healing and holistic approaches to living a life alive and awake and to purchase specially blended herbal teas and accessories.

Henriette den Ouden is an experienced Clinical Herbalist, teacher and Health Coach offering Herbal Medicine Consultations; Wellness, Cooking, Spices and Herbs Presentations and Classes and is available to advise those wishing to design or grow medicinal and culinary herb or therapeutic gardens.

Chris Himmel is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Spiritual Consultant and Ordained Minister (non-denominational) offering individual and group consultations focusing on taking a step when it is time for something to happen in your life or to take a step into a new life after experiencing a life change (such as death, graduation, retirement.) She is also a lively teacher of incorporating nature in your practices, the 5 Element and Seasons approach to life and mindfulness. Chris is also available for Weddings, Funerals, and Recommitment Ceremonies.

Phone: 410 873 2953 / 302 604 9856